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zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-01 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-02 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-06 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-07 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-10

Hong Kong’s ‘jockey club innovation tower’ – home to the city’s Polytechnic University School of Design, captured in all it’s eye-bending, interstellar-cruise-liner-looking asymmetric glory by renowned architectural photographer Iwan Baan.

Completed in mid 2013 and designed by the Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid for a city where space is at a premium, the tower has 15 1000m³ storeys rising up from an irregularly shaped narrow plot of land.


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Thanks Chris Doyle

burjkhalifa comparison2 joemcnalleyburjkhalifaNational Geographic Photographer Joe McNally got permission (after three years of patient negotiation with the skyscraper’s administrator) to climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and take this shot of the city beneath his shoes during Gulf Photo Plus 2013. Sez he:

My old battered shoes climbed the worlds tallest building today. What an amazing structure! Tweeting from 820 meters straight up!


(Pix: Joe McNally, Nicolas Lannuzel [Burj profile] and Wikimedia Commons [graph])