Anything Good In The Wicklow Times?


Wicklow County Council has agreed to fly a rainbow flag over Wicklow County buildings for the duration of this year’s Gay Pride Festival.

Following the decision cathaoirleach, Christopher Fox said:

..the Council “had to be very careful that we don’t get political in relation to flags that are flying” and that it would “set a precedent”.

Fair point.

*folds ‘Jolly Roger’*

Wicklow Times

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13 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Wicklow Times?

  1. Mé Féin

    Now you know where FF really stands. Fox is from the same (shallow) “gene pool.”

  2. Ms Piggy

    I wonder what he thinks flags actually are, if not political symbols? Does he think the Tricolour is just some pretty stripes?

  3. The Old Boy

    I think we can afford to wait until the DUP are in control of Wicklow County Council before we start worrying about dangerous precedents. Vatican flags flew from many public buildings during the Papal visit in 1979 and I’m sure Pat Vance and his predecessors weren’t too worried about it then.

  4. Starina

    he must have never been to Dublin for Pride where the Liffey is lined with Pride flegs…

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