The Church of Our Lady & St Michael.

Ennistymon, Co Clare.

YouTube description:

A priest in the Irish town of Ennistymon denies a number of travellers entry into a church because he deemed their outfits as “Inappropriate”. Even though the skirt was the same length as a number of Non Traveller attendees. Her arms were also fully covered…

Thanks Donie

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53 thoughts on “‘Inappropriate’

    1. Joan Burton

      Here Here ! Equality with Travellers is long overdue.

      We should all be able to drive without tax or insurance now and marry or cousins !

      Equality !!

  1. Well, that's that

    Ugh, I’m just glad we’re off the hook.

    Kindest Regards,
    LGBT Ireland

    1. lolly

      I was just about to comment on them – far bigger fashion crime than anything the young woman who made the vid committed.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    The hems were surely as short in the 1960s and the priests had no problem then!

  3. johnny guitar

    I take it she had kids making communion, or was making it herself? and I spotted three bad mullets.

  4. Grainne

    Wow so it was possibly not the length as much as the fact you can see right through that dress. She should have colour co-ordinated the knickers at least to keep it classy.

  5. veritas

    It’s easy to sneer and on this site it may be expected but when you think about it here was an articulate person being prevented from attending a ceremony in church for no good reason.The church can shout all it likes about being on the side of the oppressed but one clown like this priest shows how they really are.And to all those who say that the travellers should behave like the rest of us ,how many settled people would allow themselves be treated like this now,the church may have got away with this in the past but they better realise things are changing fast.

    1. Sam

      Yes, I’ve seen neighbours go up to church in similar garb, although I don’t darken the door of the place myself.

    2. Martin Heavy-Guy

      I actually think she’s very articulate and wholly in the right from this video, and although I always worry when you only get one side of a story, this does seem like mistreatment for no reason.

      But +1 to your articulate response!

    3. Stephanenny

      Agreed. The travelling community is one of the few sections of Ireland that still hold catholicism dear, this is just the church shooting itself in the foot again. They still think they owe their parishioners nothing but that the parishioners owe them everything.

    4. rotide

      “one clown like this priest shows how they really are”

      You are an insufferable hypocrite.

      Suppose I said “One clown like this traveller shows how they really are”, would that be cool?

      1. veritas

        suffer little hypocrites to come unto me.
        This traveller was not a clown rather a person with a good argument well made,so no your statement would not be cool.
        If you can believe anything in the gospels it is unlikely that Christ would have turned her away although he might have been run out of town as a beardy weirdo by this modern day pharisee

      2. rotide

        You missed my point completely. It was nothing to do with gospels or god and everything to do with tarring an entire group by the actions of a single person.

        Good luck with the veritas.

    5. Murph

      I feel like I am blue in the face saying this since Saturday.
      There is another side to this story. The woman was not removed because of her dress, there was a previous altercation and that’s what caused the removal.

  6. pooter

    There are two sides to every story and in fairness we have not heard the priest’s side yet. Fair or unfair, the clergy can ban anyone they want from their churches

  7. Brendan

    Even if her clothes do raise an eyebrow (and I don’t see any problem myself), it’s very cruel to tell someone that they can’t celebrate the First Communion of a family member over their dress. You can bet that this would have meant a lot to her and that a lot of time and money was spent in preparation.

  8. TheMightyOne

    since when has a short video clip taken from a supposedly aggrieved party amounted to proof of anything?

    anyone who would draw conclusions from such a clip deserves to be ignored.

    which is half the internet it seems

    1. Murph

      Thank you!

      There is more to this story. The lady was removed because of a previous altercation in the day not because of a dress.

  9. Danielle

    There could be more to this story… With only 900 inhabitants Ennistymon is little more than a village. €2m+ was spent building 6 homes for the Travelling community there and €45k had to be spent replacing kitchens and heating systems in the houses recently. Nearby residents complain of rubbish blowing off the estate and “almost nightly anti-social behaviour” at these houses. Bubbling resentment dressed as a priest maybe? Regardless, not cool to prevent her from going in to the church. http://www.clarechampion.ie/e2-million-spent-on-six-traveller-homes/

    1. Paolo

      You are not allowed point these things out. These issues are the result of a tiny minority of travellers and any personal incidents that you can cite are only hearsay and/or bad luck and probably your fault anyway.

      1. Yea, Ok

        Yep, if you have experienced problems with travellers it’s because of your ingrained prejudice because all the travellers are trying their best and don’t mean to break the law and intimidate settled people at every turn cos it’s just injustice I swear and they’re good people and we have a responsibility to help them even when they rob from us and fight us and wreck our businesses cos it’s all our fault really.

          1. Yea, Ok

            Yes it is true that if I replaced travellers with any other group I would sound like an a**hole. It’s also true that travellers, in general, have a culture of poor treatment of women, aversion to education, theft, wide scale littering/dumping, vandalism, violence, criminality, etc. etc. Obviously not all travellers are like that, but can you name another group where those activities are culturally acceptable across its society?

  10. Jackdaw

    No pearl necklace comments?
    Surprising that.
    Is there anything to be said about saying another mass.

  11. Frilly Keane

    He’s some nerve that Priest
    Standing at the door like a bouncer

    Yep yep yep
    Other sides to the story need to be heard

    So why didn’t the Priest present his side

    While blocking and standing over the door

    He’s a bully

  12. Hugh

    What about the two ‘boys in blue’ who came to investigate..did you ever see the like..? they need to be disciplined too..what an investigation they carried out..!! Only in Ireland..sadly..

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