Down All The Days


tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_008 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_014 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_005 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_004 Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 14.22.50 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_002 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_011 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_003 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_007 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_001

Daily images from the Miniature Calendar started in 2011 by Japanese diorama-maker Tatsuya Tanuka – an ongoing project for which he’s already created over 1000 scenes.

A worthy addition to the tiny drama ouevre.



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3 thoughts on “Down All The Days

  1. David

    OK, the bottle tops, the straws, the post-its etc, they’re all real.

    But the ‘music’? Really?

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