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Like a series of Fallout 4 dioramas, the sculptures of Parisian artist Simon Laveuve are dilapidated last refuges covered with graffiti, empty, echoing with signs of recent habitation, overgrown with vegetation in the aftermath of some apocalyptic event. Sez he:

My pieces, for the most part, have this aspect of shelter… I like to work on the height and the inaccessible. Protection and surrender. Fallen icons and their symbolism. Resistance and insubordination.

Substitute your own metaphor(s).


New works by diorama dramatist Slinkachu, mostly created at home, due to lockdown. Sez he to Colossal:

My work has always reflected the sense of isolation and loneliness that a big city can imbue, but the isolation of being inside is new to me. These were recreations of small parts of city streets built in my living room with concrete paving slabs and weeds and moss.


Miniature ‘worlds’ inspired by Nobel Prize winning literature (‘Kristin Lavransdatter’ by Sigrid Undset (1920), and ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1967)), created by French paper artists and collaborators Zim & Zou as part of ‘Sharing Worlds’ – a tolerance-themed travelling exhibition.

The exhibition ended last month but you can take a virtual tour of it here.


A fascinating mini documentary by Kevin Staake, appropriately tilt-shifted to illustrate the morbid miniatures of Abigail Goldman.

Goldman – an artist,  former reporter and current public defender at Bellingham, Washington – creates dioramas of death and destruction based on the gruesome crime scene photos and autopsies she observes in the course of her day job.