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Some of the 900+ miniature exoplanets hand-made by Canadian artist and diorama maker Adam Mararenko.

Each sphere is based on all available data concerning the distant worlds, however scant.


More incredible dioramas by Japanese miniaturist Tatsuya Tanaka – a sample of over 2500 such models created on a daily basis for the last seven years.

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Empire: a series of miniature cardboard, foam and glue apocalyptic dioramas by Lori Nix and Maureen Gerber, some taking up to seven months to create before they’re photographed.

More here.


New dioramas by Japanese art director Tatsuya Tanuka – part of a miniature calendar project that’s been running since 2011.

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More mini office dioramas by photographer Derrick Lin, who uses an iPhone, natural lighting and desktop paraphernalia to create his wee scenes.

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matteostucchi1 matteostucchidesserts1 matteostucchidesserts2 matteostucchidesserts6 matteostucchidesserts7 matteostucchidesserts11

The patisserie dioramas of 23 year old Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi.

New cake creations unveiled every Thursday and Friday on his Instagram account.


ekkachaisaelowsmallperson5 SmallPerson1 SmallPerson6 SmallPerson2SmallPerson3 ekkachaisaelowsmallperson2 SmallPerson7

The work of Thai wedding photographers คนตัวเล็ก (lit. ‘little person’), who create charming miniature tilt shift dioramas for those few happy couples who have not yet wearied of the shallow depth of field effect.


Recent additions to Japanese art director Tatsuya Tanuka’s rather brilliant ongoing daily miniature calendar project. 1000 photos since 2011, and counting.

See them all here.

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