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Laura Gaynor tweetz:

Got a great desktop calendar from @mattressmick on Pearse Street! 😁✌️️ They’re free but only seven are left…

Any excuse.


A dodecahedral, laser-engraved 2017 calendar, hand-carved from a block of European sycamore. 

Limited to 100 pieces and available for £79 (along with full process details) here.


Recent additions to Japanese art director Tatsuya Tanuka’s rather brilliant ongoing daily miniature calendar project. 1000 photos since 2011, and counting.

See them all here.

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tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_008 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_014 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_005 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_004 Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 14.22.50 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_002 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_011 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_003 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_007 tatsuyatanaka_miniature-calendar_designboom_001

Daily images from the Miniature Calendar started in 2011 by Japanese diorama-maker Tatsuya Tanuka – an ongoing project for which he’s already created over 1000 scenes.

A worthy addition to the tiny drama ouevre.



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Good grief.

Topless Irish doctors and medical students doing the calendar thing for Epilepsy Ireland sponsored by FM 104.

From top: Dr. October, Dr. June and the trainee doctors of May with a ‘new born’ plastic baby.

*checks pulse*

The Doctor Calendar 2015