Moore Protection



Protesters occupying buildings linked to 1916 on Moore Street, Dublin 1, in January 

You may recall how protesters occupied buildings on Moore Street earlier this year.

They were attempting to prevent the demolition of certain buildings on either side of 14-17 Moore Street – which has been declared a national monument – claiming other buildings on the street also had historical significance and should be protected.

Newstalk reports:

The High Court has ruled that extra buildings are to be designated as national monuments on Dublin’s Moore Street.

Relatives of the signatories of the 1916 Proclamation had been trying to have a number of buildings added as national monuments.

The State had disputed the buildings had any link to the 1916 Rising.

High Court rules more buildings to be preserved on Dublin’s Moore Street (Newstalk)

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10 thoughts on “Moore Protection

  1. Martin Heavy-Guy

    They key to successful protests in Ireland: Do it somewhere the Yanks will see it, so that it’ll be a big enough embarrassment to the obedient puppies in our Dáil that they change things.

    Next time Obama or his successor visits we should greet him/her at the airport with a [REDACTED] protest and FG/FF will ostracise him in seconds.

  2. Polaroid Fluid

    fupps given, zero. where were these lovers of irish heritage when haughey demolished all the great Georgian buildings in St’ stephens green? republican heros my hoop.

  3. The florist

    thank god for that, for a minute there I was worried about where I’d get my stolen phone unlocked…..

  4. Cromuel

    I have no doubt that the comments here (if there were such things then) would have been the same when Kilmainham Gaol was saved from its many years of ruin and desolation by volunteers.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      *scratches chin studiously*

      That’s an amazing comparison. An unassuming row of houses, that for a few days 3 held some significance, and a pretty unique gaol with a history going back to 1798. Yes, they are equally significant….

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