25 thoughts on “Borne Again

    1. 3stella

      Eoin, That’s because the sky is pushed past it’s natural exposure range in photoshop, the pixels are beginning to band and break up, but there is a median filter or similar put over it to try and smooth it that out.

      1. Dunphied

        I strongly suspect it’s simply an iphone shot tweaked in an app. Interesting subject nonetheless.

  1. rotide

    Would be interesting to see the comments if these were run of the mill Irish lunatics getting baptised in the river.

    I’d say there’s some serious tongue biting going on. Religion is BAD, but god can’t say that about d’immigrants.

    1. classter

      Small, marginal, immigrant religious groups are indeed treated a little bit more gently than the homegrown lunatics associated with the RCC.

      It should be pretty obvious that there are many reasons for this (try a bit of Christian welcome to strangers for one?) not least the fact that the RCC still controls the vast majority of schools, refuses to pay agreed compensation for child abuse cover-ups & still has a disproportionate political sway.

      1. My Meaty Member

        Well duh. Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious. We’d be bereft without you and Rotted there to mansplain such a complex and confusing world to us

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      It’s like Stars in Their Eyes…

      “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Elena Ceaușescu”

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Well you can dunk your head into the lapping sea and feel refreshed, at one with the Earth, alive and invigorated!

    Or you can call it a baptism.

  3. Charlie

    That’s far too nice a description for the likes of parky. Perhaps loser or low life might be more apt. I reckon his Mammy would send him straight to bed if she knew his carry on.

    1. parky mark

      Donal is a great photographer. He just goes ott on the HDR stuff a lot of the time. At least I’ll assume that’s what you are on about. Hard to know after a bunch of unread comments were deleted.
      Be careful with your slagging though. You’re far more mean than I ever am.

      1. Charlie

        I was referring to your comment about those Romanian people being “Mo*g*s” That’s pretty disgusting. It’s good to see BS deleting lowlife comments like that.

  4. Irlandezuzu

    Romanian baptism? I think is a little bit misleading and again creates room for heated debate against Romanians. Since when Romanian is a religion? 99% of Romanians are Christians orthodox and this is not a common practice in Romania or in the Romanian community from Ireland.
    What you see in the pictures is a penticostal baptism, not romanian baptism. Funny, it is more common in United States than in Romania, so if you want you can call it American baptism, but that will be really unholy :).
    The Christians photographed in the water are a group of people belonging to roma community. Lately the majority of roma people (gipsy) converted to this religion just to “wash away” a bad image of beggars and pickpockets. Did they succeed? Probably not and although very religious in public and especially in pictures and videos from their ceremonies they are in fact having the same habits. What habits? The same that we Irish and Romanians know that roma people do.
    But hey, religion is the mother of all wars and always a heated debate.
    Let’s have a pint instead. Cheers.

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