21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballsbridge

  1. John

    Ah give it a rest. It’s a mockup of an office, full stop.

    That dresscode was required and imposed by another company Portico, which supplies its secretarial staff. As much as I agree that female workers should be able to wear flats etc… instead, stop this stupid PwC witchhunt.

  2. Paddy

    Are her legs normal? They appear to have been switched in some sort of photshop blunder….

  3. Kolmo

    Looks like the celtic-bubble placards they had at the front of those new estates at the ever-so-slightly north of Darndale, Malahide-Sithe or something they called it, a touch less cocaine-fueled party vibe in these though, classy

  4. Vote Rep #1

    PWC didn’t send that girl home, it was the company who hired her as a temp that did.

    1. Don Key Don G

      Probably the most redundant point yet made in this catalogue of irrelevance and whataboutery. The contracting company is enforcing policy according to client requirements you simpleton. If the clients requirements are to ask visitors would Sir like a strap on with that, then that is the service level the temp will be expected to deliver. Most of you sound like you suck Mummy’s thumb for a living.

      1. Alan

        I always feel people tend to lose credibility in arguments/debate when they resort to calling people things like simpleton. Cop on man

        1. Don Key Don G

          In this case it’s an adjective not a perjorative. Then other party has already confirmed he was proffering merely some arcane, minor, pedantic precision, purely one might say, for the sake of being obstreperous. A buffoon if you will. Would Sir like a strap on with that?

      2. Vote Rep #1

        So what I wrote was pedantic but correct and you then just decided to answer a point I didn’t make? Thank you. You sound as much fun as potato blight

        1. Don Key Don G

          Wow you’re not the smartest I see. So if a company is contracting to meet requirements that means the requirements are ultimately being set by the entity awarding the contract not by the vendor. You had a point?

    1. Don Key Don G

      Don’t worry I’ll do it for you. I bet it was a woman who designed that ad right Clampers?

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    So that’s ‘office-wear’ is it, complete with clutch bag. She’s been lifted from a nightlife stock photo and plonked on a crease-less office chair. I thought we’d seen the back of these hilarious lifestyle shots!

    1. Goosey Lucy

      But they’re supplying decent office chairs with ortho support though!
      I mean, they’d want to.
      And a masseuse/physio complimentary every month too.

      Who the hell could be efficient in these shoes- even walking to a printer would take an hour!!
      I LOVE my heels , but think OTT heels in work look ridiculous and frankly a bit trashy!

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