The ‘Ban The Posters’ Poster Boy



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From top: Cllr Francis Duffy and William Campbell

Architect and Green Party Councillor Francis Duffy meets journalist William Campbell, host of the Here’s How politics and whatnot podcast, to discuss his modest proposal to keep lamppoles poster free.

William writes:

South Dublin Green Party councillor Francis Duffy wants them banned but are election posters freedom of speech or a wasteful eyesore?


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13 thoughts on “The ‘Ban The Posters’ Poster Boy

    1. Bob

      And we live in the first world, so it’s our problem. No reason to ignore it just because other parts of the world aren’t doing as well.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      “Freedom of speech or a wasteful eyesore?” The answer, I would have thought is virtually self evident .

    1. ahjayzis

      Does it?

      A hereditary president for life who also heads the state church, a senate that is part hereditary, part clerical, mostly appointed, again for life, by government decree for services to paying off politicians – the lower house is dominated by a government majority won on a third of the vote.

      Nothing to do with posters, I just bristle when that term’s used to describe government in the UK.

      1. Casey

        I see your whinge and I top it with the monarchy whose Queen is the head of government with the powd to dissolve parliment she so wish. The house of Lords, an unelected body full of old and new stalligtites who can stop legislation from being passed even after parliament have passed it. No proportional representation. The government as weak as possible water scrambling to sell of state assets for tiny short term dents in the defisate…..

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Ahah!!!!!…so it was the Printers all along, was it?

      – I reckon they were charging the politicians money for the posters, which they would then funnel back to the Parties through ‘donations’ and ‘contributions’. Nobody would ever suspect a thing.

      Printers, huh!!! They can’t even drive a Luas and they think they can run elections by giving away their money.

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