Departing From The Norm


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Former CEO of Rehab Angela Kerins outside the High Court last July

Further to former CEO of Rehab Angela Kerins losing her High Court action against the Public Accounts Committee in January…

RTE reports:

Former CEO of the Rehab group Angela Kerins has asked the High Court not to award costs against her for her failed legal challenge to the Dáil’s Public Accounts Committee.

Lawyers for Ms Kerins told the three-judge divisional High Court the case was an “exceptional one”.

…This morning, lawyers for Ms Kerins began submissions in her application regarding costs of the action.

Senior Counsel John Rogers said he would be asking the court to depart from the norm where the losing party bears the costs of the action.

Kerins asks court not to award costs against her (RTE)

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21 thoughts on “Departing From The Norm

    1. martco

      she will be, a couple of hundred thou due there

      thought her suicidal plea was utterly deplorable insult to those who actually are

      what is it with these charity bosses anyway?? yer man Paul Kelly also seems to have no concept of reality either

      hope the taxing master empties her out tho I suspect it’ll just mean not having a 181 reg in the driveway at best

  1. Kenny Plank

    There are two possible outcomes here:

    1) Angela Kerins runs the VHI Mini-marathon in June for a good cause – ’cause she needs to raise the money for the legal costs. She finishes first, followed by Pat Hickey in a women’s dressing gown.

    2) Angela Kerins is looked after by Official Ireland as “one of their own” and costs are not awarded against her. The Taxing Master looks the other way, as does the judiciary.

    I know which one my money is on.

    1. martco

      ah now don’t despair
      there’s always a fair chance of 1)
      sure just look at the ethopian times yer wan rosanna davidson managed (albeit via the 46a)

  2. perricrisptayto

    Angela’s (C) ashless?

    Bit cheekey though innit?
    ” I know my horse lost but i just want my bet back, please.”

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