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Enjoy yoga?

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Read on.

Aisling Twomey writes:

11 women a day travel from Ireland to the UK to access termination services because the 8th amendment renders abortion unconstitutional in Ireland.

That’s 11 women who have to pay for tickets for ferries or planes, as well as the hefty cost of food, internal transport and possibly hotels. It’s a fortune, especially for someone who doesn’t have it.

This is one yoga class held to help those women. You don’t have to be a gymnast (you don’t even have to touch your toes)- this is about getting bums on mats to help women who have been abandoned by the Irish state.

Tickets are £12. All proceeds go directly to the Abortion Support Network, a charity which helps woman cover the cost of travel when travelling to access an abortion.

Yoga for Choice at The Tram Depot, 38 Upper Clapton Road , E5 8BQ on Saturday (August 19) at 10am.

Yoga For Choice 

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9 thoughts on “Living In London?

  1. Milo

    Can I not just give the 12 quid and not do the yoga poo thing? Seriously, who wants to go to Clapton Road?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I know we disagree when it comes to the fundamentals of it, but your comment made me chuckle.

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