Tony’s Wealth Service


From top: Director General, HSE Tony O’Brien and Minister for Health Simon Harris TD at the launch of the National Services Plan 2018; ‘Evofem Biosciences’ logo.

This morning.

Via Irish Times:

Minister for Health Simon Harris gave written consent to HSE director general Tony O’Brien to take up a lucrative role at a US contraceptive manufacturer months before he leaves his role running the country’s health service, the HSE has said.

Mr O’Brien became a board member of the San Diego company Evofem Biosciences on January 17th, almost two months before he publicly announced he would be leaving the HSE in August.

His boardroom roles at the publicly quoted company entitles him to an “annual cash retainer” of $50,000, additional cash fees of $15,000 and initial share-buying options worth $180,000 vesting over a three-year period with further annual options of $90,000, according to the firm’s public statements.

Mr O’Brien is paid an annual salary of €192,000 as HSE director-general, a job he said in March he will leave at the end of the summer.

Good times

Minister allowed O’Brien to join US firm while running HSE (Simon Carswell and Martin Wall, Irish Times)

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17 thoughts on “Tony’s Wealth Service

      1. david

        Actually the fact he is still there as minister of health shows the whole lot of them must go
        Watched him during the onslaught in the dail yesterday and you can just see another scandal worse than the mc cabe scandal

  1. Baz

    If Harris signed off on that he’s got to go.

    It’s now plausible O’Brien only found out about the latest scandal from the news stories, it’s clear he has been busy elsewhere while the taxpayer kicks him >€200k pa

  2. Catherine costelloe

    This is the same as Frances Fitzgerald going on national TV stating she knew nothing of Maurice Mc Cabe and only found out from a prime time programme.
    Copy and paste Mr o Brien.

  3. Gringo

    Sell your shares in Evofem now.A bullpoo artist like tony will soon be found out in the states.

    1. Baz

      His worth for evofem was never ‘in the states’

      His worth to evofem is his access to the HSE decision makers and buyers

    2. Gringo

      Of course he could also be a useful fool for them if he can organise new markets for their pills here through the HSE. And shure if they don”t work you can have an abortion.

      1. SOQ

        Is love boat anti choice propaganda going to be shoehorned into every topic and second post until the referendum? Just so we know like.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    There you have it. FG once again lining the pockets of failures. Another one that may have beans to spill

    1. Cian

      huh? Will you put aside your hatred for FG for a moment.
      Explain to me how this is “FG once again lining the pockets of failures”. Can you concentrate on
      a) how exactly FG is lining O’Brien’s pocket; and
      b) how you define “failure”

      1. ahjayzis

        A.) Former head of health programme, now head of entire health service presides over fupp-up that has women dead, retains job until retirement with full pension and gratuity worth several years of the average salary.

        B.) Unsackable and in a country where you could murder half the population and still touching your pension would be going too far.

      2. ahjayzis

        See also:

        Phil Hogan
        Noreen O’Sullivan
        Martin Callinan

        All will recieve state money until they die to the extent that they will be rch beyond the dreams of 90% of the public – none of whom have done their job or improved this society in any way.

      3. ahjayzis

        Actually, I’ve overdone it.



        That’s lining the pockets of a failure, to me.

  5. Frilly Keane

    Nothing to see here

    they all feed into gigs they’ve lined up whilst still in employment
    how many of them took early retirement, and started as employees/ consultants in the very same facilities they were funding and supervising whilst in the HSE (and other Semi’s Quangos)
    Some within Days!
    they didn’t even have the decency to wait a couple of weeks

    How many boards is Mary Harney on for herself.

    Mary was the architect of Privatizing the Health Service so if ye’re looking for a starting point to the subbing out of Cervical Smear Testing,,,, there she is, ye can’t miss her.

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