First Rung On The Property Ladder



Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz::

Harold’s Cross Cottages top space on a bunk bed for €350pm. The top bunk is uncomfortably close to the ceiling. Article 6 Housing Regs for Private Rented Accom: all rooms must contain fixed heating appliance not a portable heater…

Apartment Share, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6 (Daft)

11 thoughts on “First Rung On The Property Ladder

  1. Marklar

    Is there any responsibility for Daft to even attempt to vet listings for housing regulations violations? Genuine question.

  2. Paulus

    Whew, the new tenant’s sex-life will certainly be restricted – unless they’re the ultra-extrovert type!

  3. Bobby Rwanda

    There are many, many more of these types of listings – Daft ads are just scratching the surface. Just check out any of the multitude of posts in any of the Dublin House/flatshare groups on FB – probably in the region of a few dozen newly posted on a daily basis. The worst I’ve seen so far was FOUR bunkbeds in a fairly small bedroom.

  4. Anomanomanom

    Is a student going to care? This is perfect for a cheap student bed, thats all it will be used for.

    1. Bobby Rwanda

      Jaysus. That’s like saying “is a migrant worker from a background of extreme poverty going to care if they’re engaged then exploited by an unscrupulous employer?”. It doesn’t matter. The applicable laws exist for a reason. Or rather, a multitude of reasons.

    2. Dr.Fart MD

      i agree with landlord Anomanomanom. is a student even a human? do they even matter? students are young. we are old. they don’t have basic needs like we do. they can just put up and shut up and be glad theyre even here.

      1. ahjayzis

        Doesn’t someone who owns something have a right to extort the last penny from a poor or a young?

        I thought we all believed in working hard to fund rentier parasites?

        If not, can we fupping line them up and shoot them all now?

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