Meanwhile, In Portobello


This morning/afternoon.

Teachers protest outside the English language school Grafton College in Portobello, Dublin 2, which has gone into liquidation – suddenly leaving staff without jobs and owed one month’s wages.

Teachers occupy premises of English language school (Emma O’Kelly, RTÉ)

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Portobello

  1. Joe

    So the goverment learned nothing when scamguage schools closed doors in the past. Simple set up with a bond to cover wages would do the job.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    Jesus,look at the state of that ” inconvenice ” letter.Not a great advert for an English language school.
    Maybe that’s where Brother Barnabas learned to wax so lyrical …

    1. Brother Barnabas

      what comes after the spurned-gayboy-lover routine, charger? it’s almost interesting. just almost, mind.

  3. Captainpants

    A truly scummy industry in need of severe reform. Amazing that one of the biggest draws of Ireland is coming here to learn English, and most of the teachers are on zero hours contracts with no benefits, with wages that must make it impossible to live in Dublin on 2018. When I did it 4 years ago, I was on about 300 quid a week after tax, for 20 hours of teaching (the max for secondary is 23), yes that is a full weeks work when corrections and prep are taken into account.

    It suits the language schools to pretend the teaching English is just a temporary backpackers job, while selling their teachers to prospective students as lifelong language professionals. Most of them do take their job seriously and bend over backwards for their students. This cant continue.

    1. Tom

      Come on, the students are in on the scam. The school fees are basically their ongoing fee for a work visa.

  4. postmanpat

    Its quite the cash cow for unscrupulous businessmen.The ex- teachers would be better off going home and dusting off the CVs instead of standing around accomplishing nothing. The owners are somewhere else bossing staff around in another unrelated business, staff that they will get from a related college course and only have to pay a fiver an hour for 3 months work experience. Staff that, if they are “lucky” might be kept on for minimum wage afterward. These are the bad guys. they are minted and claim they are barely keeping there head above water. What people need to do is go to the CRO website and find out who the directors of EvillanguageCorp are , find out their other business interests and make a nuisance there instead.

  5. Junkface

    Ireland lets this happen repeatedly. If the Gov’t really wanted it to stop they would introduce tougher laws and regulations on English Language Schools. Does this happen anywhere else in the English speaking world with such regularity?

  6. diddy

    Government do nothing because language schools are a rich source of cheap labour. FG listen to the interests of IBEC and they need this cheap labour. Remember wages at the lower end have hardly moved since 2004 and Sunday premiums have been removed. Brazilians are ripe for exploitation

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