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You’ve probably already familiar with the anthropomorphic, clobbered pooch oeuvre of photographer William Wegman.

Here, he elaborates to Great Big Story on a career that started with pictures of his Weimariner pup Man Ray in the 1970s and led to countless adorable photoshoots, beloved Sesame Street vignettes and a props room most theatres would be proud of.


Sacrificial-Chair-a-Chair-Design-to-Cover-in-Your-1Sacrificial-Chair-a-Chair-Design-to-Cover-in-Your Sacrificial-Chair-a-Chair-Design-to-Cover-in-Your-2

The Sacrificial Chair – a custom built, flat-packing chair frame with maximum hanging space for your dragged off ‘n’ dropped duds.

Or, for rather less than €140, you can just kick the seat out of your existing bedside chairdrobe.


PatriceLetarnec1 PatriceLetarnec9 PatriceLetarnec6 PatriceLetarnec8 PatriceLetarnec4 PatriceLetarnec2
French photographer Patrice Letarnec’s bizarre and only moderately disturbing series of shots featuring upside down folk wearing right side up clothes on the streets of Paris.




Bewildered Student writes:

Really? ‘Independent Women’? Really? REALLY?



Really really?

Dress debate – Kathryn Thomas’s latest gown is of acquired taste (Independent Woman)

Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-03-685x435 Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-10-685x425 Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-08-685x446 Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-07-685x446Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-06-685x446 Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-04-685x435 Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-02-685x435Aerial-landscapes-and-clothing-by-Joseph-Ford-01-685x435Photographer Joseph Ford’s rather pleasing mashups of crumpled duds and aerial landscapes. Some are complex (the dunes and sweater in pic7), some are subtle (the single plaid square matching a section of roof in pic1) and one juxtaposes two complementary aerials (pic2) because that’s also nice.


BHXHkmxCMAAqRwyScreen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.54.31


A Dublin 15 resident  has made a complaint to the HSE after she saw a washing line filled with unusual meats in her neighbour’s back garden.
The Clonsilla resident, who has been living in the area for the past 12 years, said there were about eight meats hanging from a washing line, beside another line that was filled with clothes.
The resident is now looking for help from the HSE to stop this from happening again.“.


Via Gazette Group

Thanks Paul Hosford and Lynda Kealy