Think, Wonder, Be Warned


Mural on Grantham Street, Dublin 8

Artistic collective Subset Dublin tweetz:

This piece was produced as part of a wider series of artworks titled “Mental Health”. The aim being to spark consideration and conversation regarding the relationship each person has with themselves. And the necessity to work at and maintain its progress and development.


Dublin City Council’s Planning Enforcement department has written to Subset…


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20 thoughts on “Think, Wonder, Be Warned

  1. Cormac Kinsella

    So some people really think that painting slogans on walls will spark conversations? They’re deluded. Again it’s just another pithy virtue signal, fooling nobody but themselves. Try again lads, harder, much harder.

    1. ReproBertie

      “So some people really think that painting slogans on walls will spark conversations?”, asked the guy sparking a conversation.

      (Still with the bold step? Seriously?)

    2. DeSelby

      As soon as I hear the expression “virtue signal” my ears close, or I stop reading. (I made an exception in this case)
      To me it is a signal that a twit is blathering on.

          1. DeSelby

            @Boj Not “triggered” in any way. Just highlighting the alt-right language that has mainstreamed.
            Nice for you to join in, letting me know you’ve a similar outlook. This is the language that fools use trying to sound smart, while attempting to stifle commentary.

            Regarding the original post. I wouldn’t be getting too precious about that mural, it’s not that great.

  2. Dr.Fart

    the heroes in DCC spring into action pretty quickly when it comes to blocking stuff. Not so quick when you want them to allow passage for projects. If the artist had applied to do this mural they’d be waiting well over a year, only to have it refused by some tool in DCC who are indoctrined to makr down all street art as graffitti. had someone applied to turn it into a hotel though, they’d have gotten approval before they finished their sentence.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    The only thing that’s ‘advertising’ is the wealth of creative talent in Dublin and desire to make otherwise bleak street facades bright and interesting.

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