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35 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. george

      The photo is taken in front of it so they are not stuck behind it. Awful parking though especially consider there are so few actual cycle lanes in the city.

  1. d

    If evidence was available, like a photo taken that shows its a garda car, then a complaint should be made to the garda ombudsman. even if the garda in question could argue that they have pressing police business, at least they would have to jusify themselves. And if it could be proved otherwise…..

    1. george

      If the person who took the photo knows it is a Garda car they don’t have to prove that to GSOC. They can verify that. However basically the guards can park where they like and are can block cycle lanes for their own convenience on a whim, unfortunately.

      1. ____

        If it’s in the course of performing their duties…and not grabbing something from the coffee shop they’ve parked right outside.

  2. Dhaughton99

    It’s not really the worst I’ve seen. You can squeeze past. It’s not like they are sitting there with their lads in their hands. Probably after bag snatchers.

    The best I seen was a Tesla being charged in the bike lane outside the Crumlin shopping centre right beside the Garda station.

    1. george

      Yeah right, definitely after bag snatchers. Gardaí in unmarked cars are always parked up waiting for bag snatchers. You shouldn’t be squeezing pass in a protected cycle lane.

  3. Ron

    About time cyclists were required to pay a road tax and to have insurance out on main roads. Once they start contributing, they might be in a better position to move forward with their fanciful notions and demands.

    1. George

      Most cyclists own cars so pay an emissions based motor tax on their cars. Bikes have no motor and no emissions so no motor tax applies. Nobody pays “road tax”.

      The cost of motoring is not actually covered by motor tax though and it is subsidised by other forms of taxation. This cost goes beyond building an maintaining roads. The majority of cases dealt with by the courts are motoring related, for example. Additional costs include the cost of treating asthma and the victims of collisions on our roads. The cost of congestion in Dublin alone is expected to approach €2bn annually by 2030.

      Cars require insurance because they do a lot of damage including killing more than 100 people per year in Ireland. Motor vehicles killed an average of 2.7 people a week in 2018. Bikes killed none.

      1. Praetorian.

        Emissions based motor tax only applies to post ’08 vehicles.40% of current road vehicles are pre 08..anything previous to that is cc based…knowall.
        Mind ya dont come off that high nelly of yours there George.

        1. Rob_G

          Ok – how would we apply the cc-based regime to cyclists, then? (the majority of whom would fall under the pre-’08 rules, to be fair)

          George made a great, detailed post about how the costs of motoring are borne by society, and this nit-picking was the best you could come up with, dearie me…

        2. george

          As you point out missions based motor tax applies to the majority of cars on the road. The exception was only made for old cars because they are so inefficient that tax on them would extremely high. They’ll be coming off the road in increasing numbers in years to come as we move towards a 100% emissions based motor tax. So you haven’t really made an argument there and are resorting to a silly remark aimed at the person rather than the points made.

  4. shayna

    The PSNI regularly park their armoured Land Rovers on a double yellow and mount the pavement on my street so they can get their fish and chips from the chip shop across the road. Pedestrians have to walk in the middle of the road to get by. I knocked on the window of a PSNI Land Rover one night, suggested to the occupant officer that perhaps it was an offence and if it were a civilian vehicle it would be a ticketable offence. I was told, “Why don’t you move along, Madam”.

  5. Kim The Cardassian

    Bah what an idiot. It’s the Gardaí. They can hardly park the car in a multi storey car park or out of eye sight. They also need quick and easy access to their vehicle.

  6. Pavel

    So what if they were grabbing a coffee? If it means they can get back to their car and respond to any urgent calls quicker then surely that is a good thing. Or would you have them drive around looking for a parking space or stick it on the 4th story of a multi story parking. There are loads of issues with Dublin and bike lines, the few guards that are about are a drop in the ocean compared.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      +1 Absolutely. If I or anyone needed them in a hurry, the last place you want them is in Arnotts car park. Fully legitimate in parking here – as are ambulances and fire brigades, coastal rescue etc.

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