Anything Good On Russia Today?



Former Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, based in Naples, Florida, spoke to Going Underground on Russia Today about his book Frenzy and Betrayal: The Anatomy of a Political Assassination.

During the 15-minute interview, Mr Shatter also talked about Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, journalists, anonymous sources and the end of his political career.

The use of Shannon Airport by the US military was also discussed, in light of events in Iraq and Iran.


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15 thoughts on “Anything Good On Russia Today?

  1. jeremy kyle

    Don’t you just love when a video has a capitalised word like ‘SLAMS’ or ‘DESTROYS’ in the title?

      1. Rob_G

        “… putting Clare Daly in handcuffs”

        Thank you, V, that is a mental image I could have done without.

  2. :-Joe

    A bad advertisement for the show which most people should watch more often…

    Going Underground is a very reliable source of real journalism for mainstream consumption and offers accurate reporting and excellent interviews on most issues that it covers.

    More often than not, it offers a far broader and more complete picture of events than any of the other biased corporate mainstream outlets ever do and usually they all report the same half story to suit the narrative and agenda of the monopoly.

    Afshin Rattansi(Jounalist and host) is one of the better ones out there, often the only one with the truth and standing up to the hypocracy of the international establishment and not just on this show but in various other forums too.

    Not sure how he ended up having this clown on the show but probably some pr-spin engineered on behalf of the corrupt, narcissistic, fame hoar / erotic novelist himself. Intersting that Shat-erproof sees it as a credible platform to air his opinions.

    BTW.. YT has a permanent message stating that “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government” on every video. You have to ask yourself why there are no messages or warnings on the CNN MSNBC FOX BBC RTE etc etc. videos and content and many others.

    It’s estimated that at least 20% of RT shows, mostly operating in Russia are state propaganda outlets or are biased against any government criticism.

    The other 80% and many of them operating in Russia are mostly random and independent productions from studios in London and New York run by proper journalists without interference or censorship. Intelligent people who could not get a platform and refused to get in line and conform to hypocracy and lies in the corporate owned mainstream media monopoly of the west.

    By allowing more freedom outside the mothership it gives more credibility to the overall organisation and hides their main interest in the smaller part operating inside Russia.


    1. V

      I’ve noticed that with the elder Blueshirts
      They’re as miserable and bitter as ___k

      They reek of a bitter resentment for Leo and the Boys

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