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James Larkin Road, Raheny, Dublin 5 on Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday evening.

A woman in her 30s died following a road crash in Raheny, Dublin 5.  The pedestrian was struck by a van after it mounted the path along the James Larkin Road shortly after 7pm.

Derek writes:

Lots of conflicting stories about this incident much of it probably rubbish….That the van had travelled for at least a km and that there were more injuries [than have been reported]. Any of your readers know what actually happened?


Previously: Pedestrian dies after being struck by van in Dublin (RTÉ)

Jogger killed after being hit by van in Dublin (Irish Times)

Pic via Roy

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16 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Oisín O'Connor

    A man killed a woman using a van. He was driving along a stretch of footpath and cycle way that’s behind a wall. He drove for at least 1km on this pathway. There are reports of people having to jump out of the way as he drove along it.

    He has not been arrested.

  2. spud

    Why the need for this post?
    Don’t the posted articles state the facts known to hand?

    The family and friends of this poor woman don’t need further wild speculation lads.
    There’s enough of it doing the rounds on social media.

  3. Róisín Engels

    I think this is dangerous territory to go – and deeply disrespectful. Today is not the day,

    If the usual lobbies start on about cycle paths today you’ll know how how they care…

    Just shut it today.

    1. Donal

      The reason it is being discussed is that this incident happened on one of the only segregated cycle paths in the city, that a driver could drive along it mistakenly for 1km suggests serious issues not with the cycle path but with the driver (whether incompetence or malice) and as such it is not surprising that people are discussing the fact that the driver has not been arrested pending investigations

  4. paval

    Do we really need a post for idle speculation barely a day after this women’s death? Very distasteful

  5. Slightly Bemused

    Rest in peace, dear lady, and my sincere condolences to your family. I am sure you will be missed.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    She was killed while jogging on the footpath, not the cycle path. Awful tragedy, RIP.

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