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James Larkin Road, Raheny, Dublin 5 on Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday evening.

A woman in her 30s died following a road crash in Raheny, Dublin 5.  The pedestrian was struck by a van after it mounted the path along the James Larkin Road shortly after 7pm.

Derek writes:

Lots of conflicting stories about this incident much of it probably rubbish….That the van had travelled for at least a km and that there were more injuries [than have been reported]. Any of your readers know what actually happened?


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Pic via Roy

Morgen Scheißekopf writez:

“A Labour election poster I took on the Howth Road in Raheny on Saturday.

Notice the strategically protruding cable tie ends, one at animal eye height, one at child eye height and one at adult eye height.

“I contacted the candidate’s election team over a week ago and they promised to deal with it immediately. However Labour have a track record of not delivering election promises…”