A Garda checkpoint on the N11 heading south out of Dublin last Saturday

This morning

Via The Irish Examiner:

Gardaí have invoked [covid emergency] regulations on 139 occasions, including arrests and cases where personal details have been taken for consultation with the DPP on the decision to issue charges, while pre-existing enforcement powers were also used in relation to 1,172 incidents since April 8.

These include drugs and weapons seizures, drink driving offences and public order incidents.

…From Apr 8 to May 2, there were 52 incidents of spitting and/or coughing against gardaí. Last week, this figure was reported as 31, indicating that another 21 incidents happened over the weekend.

Anti-spit guards, the controversial but legal ‘hoods’ which can be placed over assailants to protect gardaí from being coughed or spat at, have been used 28 times since Apr 8…

Man breached Covid-19 restrictions three times in one day; Regulations invoked 139 times (Kevin O’Neill, The Irish Examiner)

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