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Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications and Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan

This morning.

Good times.

New advice for British arrivals since 8 December (RTÉ)


 RTÉ News Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers

Going anywhere nice this year?

This afternoon

Fergal Bowers, RTÉ News Health Correspondent, writes:

‘It used to be the case that returning from a holiday abroad with a nice suntan was something to flaunt to friends and neighbours.

Arriving back, still in a colourful top and shorts, pulling a noisy suitcase along the road, was part of the ‘I’m home’ routine.

But not anymore.

With Covid-19 and the travel advice and restrictions, foreign holidays have taken on a clandestine element.

A newly-tanned face and body is not a good look these days. It gets heads turning and prompts questions.

So a quiet return, under cover of darkness, is the new way.

Any failure to self-isolate will be noticed in these very changed times….’



Any excuse.

We must learn to co-exist alongside our Covid-19 enemy (Fergal Bowers, RTÉ)


Ah here.

Just a flavour of the immense silliness of RTÉ One’s Claire Byrne Live over the past two months, from ‘how to wash your hands’ (top) to last night’s jet plane interior seating reenactment.

Not all superheroes have blonde bobs.

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