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But it doesn’t make any sense?

Shut up and take the jab.

This afternoon.

‘We don’t meet for coffee beforehand for chats.’

They’re all down the pub calling you a monumental misery pants.



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 RTÉ News Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers

Going anywhere nice this year?

This afternoon

Fergal Bowers, RTÉ News Health Correspondent, writes:

‘It used to be the case that returning from a holiday abroad with a nice suntan was something to flaunt to friends and neighbours.

Arriving back, still in a colourful top and shorts, pulling a noisy suitcase along the road, was part of the ‘I’m home’ routine.

But not anymore.

With Covid-19 and the travel advice and restrictions, foreign holidays have taken on a clandestine element.

A newly-tanned face and body is not a good look these days. It gets heads turning and prompts questions.

So a quiet return, under cover of darkness, is the new way.

Any failure to self-isolate will be noticed in these very changed times….’



Any excuse.

We must learn to co-exist alongside our Covid-19 enemy (Fergal Bowers, RTÉ)



More as he gets it.

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The Wait Debate

RTÉ’s Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers 

This morning.

On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, host Bryan Dobson spoke to RTÉs Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers about the latest Covid-19 developments.

In relation to the current movement restrictions which are set to be in place until May 5, Mr Bowers said:

“There’s no specific date in May, or otherwise, when restrictions will be lifted, or what restrictions will be lifted.

“We simply do not know so it is very uncertain at this point and people shouldn’t be expecting a lifting or a wide lifting of restrictions anytime in the near future I think, I’d say, given the briefings we had yesterday.

“And Covid-19 is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. I mean that means for the years ahead it will be there in the community somewhere, moving as influenza is but obviously Covid-19 poses a different threat, an unparalleled threat.

“And so social distancing will continue until a vaccine is available. And a vaccine won’t be available, certainly you would think, for a year or more.

“There may be some restrictions but only where the evidence points to that and also when the system has the capacity for rapid, speedy testing of people and follow-up contract tracing quickly, that’s crucial.

“So what will be looking at? We’ll be looking at, in order for any restrictions to be lifted, you’d want the infection rate out there to be down below one, so that’s where one person is infecting less than another person. So it’s not spreading in the community. You’d also want to see admissions to intensive care down.

“You’d want to think about what activity could be safely resumed, where social distancing can be exercised and what’s working in other countries. That will be crucial.”

Listen back in full here

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Member of the Defence Forces or HSE at a coronavirus test centre set up on the LÉ Samuel Beckett, at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, last month

This morning.

RTÉ is reporting that a nursing home resident who was tested for Covid-19 nine days ago died last night.

The resident’s test results had not come through by the time of their death.

RTÉ is also reporting a nursing home resident is very ill in hospital and still waiting for their Covid-19 test result, after a swab being taken eight days ago.

Fergal Bowers has tweeted:

Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan; Lorraine Walsh

This lunchtime.

RTÉ’s health correspondent Fergal Bowers, on foot of a Freedom of Information request, is reporting on correspondence he has seen between the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan and CervicalCheck patient advocate Lorraine Walsh from March of this year.

Ms Walsh, from Galway, who was one of the women caught up in the CervicalCheck scandal last year, cannot conceive due to having had cervical cancer.

She is also one of the Government’s appointees to the CervicalCheck steering group.

Mr Bowers has reported that Dr Holohan – who is co-chairperson of the CervicalCheck Group – wrote to Ms Walsh on March 13  of this year taking issue with comments she had made on social media, and to print media, about him.

He reported the letter said her claims about him were “baseless” and it warned her that if she repeated the claims in public, there would be a “very strong response”.

He also asked her to withdraw the claims.

Mr Bowers reported that the letter was also released to Labour TD and the party’s health spokesperson Alan Kelly, following a parliamentary question and separate FOI request by him.

On RTÉ’s News At One, Labour TD Alan Kelly told Mr Bowers:

 “I sought this information under parliamentary question in early July. The department refused to give it to me. I had to chase this for two months.

“I had to repeatedly go to the Ceann Comhairle and it was only after the Ceann Comhairle wrote to the minister that basically, telling him, that this was against the constitutional responsibilities of a minister, that we’d got to a point where this information was released to me.

“I had no faith that this information was going to be given to me so I had to put in a Freedom of Information request on top of my parliamentary question.

“TDs shouldn’t have to put in Freedom of Information requests because they believe that their parliamentary questions are not going to be answered.”

Mr Bowers told News At One that a spokesperson for the Minister for Health Simon Harris said Mr Harris was not aware of the letter in advance of it being sent from Mr Holohan to Ms Walsh.

Walsh warned over repeating CervicalCheck management criticisms (RTE)