“They Demand The Freedom To Walk Around Without Restrictions – That Is A Tiny Minority View”


Saturday’s rally against covid restrictions; Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney.

A tiny minority.

Who MUST be silenced.

This morning.

On Pat Kenny’s Newstalk Show.

Further to Muzzlegate

“This is a difficult balancing act, I have to say that the people who were involved in that protest do not represent a majority review, in fact they represent a very, very small minority view.

“It is very unwelcome that people are foolhardy enough to think that they can ignore all of the public health advice, all of the doctors that are repeating the message over and over again, of our national public health team at Nphet, and the Minister for Health and the Government messages, they’re ignoring all of that because they see conspiracies in everything, and they just demand the freedom to walk around without restrictions — that is a tiny minority view.”

“I am not happy, most of the people who saw that demonstration on television would have been angered by it, that’s why I’m saying that the Government needs to try to get the balance right between the right to protest and be heard and the law and the regulations and guidelines that we have to protect the public

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney

Covid-19: Government to discuss right to protest, says Coveney (Irish Times)

Saturday: We Will Not Be Muzzled




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55 thoughts on ““They Demand The Freedom To Walk Around Without Restrictions – That Is A Tiny Minority View”

    1. SOQ

      Coveney seems to think that government imposing restrictions without due cause is normal and should be accepted without question.

      The government are making rules and regulations which make no scientific sense whatsoever- so people are well within their rights to challenge them.

      1. Do I need a username?

        Ex-cons and violent thugs roaring “paedos” at all and sundry is not challenging the science behind masks.

  1. Matt Fitzpatrick

    The trouble with Conspiracy heads is you’ll never win with them. If you enforce social distancing during their protests it’s a conspiracy against them. If they all ended up spreading CoViD amongst themselves by protesting, then that’s a conspiracy against them as well.

    1. Bruncvik

      It should be possible to at least reduce the numbers of conspiracy heads. Many of them are normal people who just get easily confused. So, being more clear in explaining to the how the measures against Covid are supposed to work, may convert some of these people. And with diminished audience, the lead conspiracy heads will have even less power.

      Just, for goodness sake, the government should stop invoking the WHO. At the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, I must say that I fully believe that the WHO is in Chinese pockets, and their early advice actually helped the spread of the virus. If I wouldn’t trust them, people prone to conspiracy theories will easily use them as an argument why Covid is a hoax.

      1. baz

        No conspiracy, just facts:

        Leo THANKED the CCP for selling us crap PPE

        Simon REWARDED the WHO for incompetence with our TAXES

        The CCP did this to you and me. CCP shut down internal travel while Wuhan international airport remained open. Simultaneously the CCP bought up PPE globally while also NEVER actually notifying the WHO.
        CCP have still not handed over original ‘december patient’ samples to the WHO despite protocol requiring them to do so. WHO have done nothing about this fact either.

        Why no protests outside the CCP embassy in Dublin?

      2. SOQ

        being more clear in explaining to the how the measures against Covid are supposed to work, may convert some of these people.

        And did it ever occur to you that some people simply don’t believe the measures work? And more to the point- their view is backed up by some pretty heavy weight experts and evidence from countries which never locked down in the first place.

        Time will tell who is right.


          1. SOQ

            Howz the head after the red sauce flag bump?

            I wish you the best but you are on the wrong side of civil rights history this time around darling.

          2. Do I need a username?

            You’re a flipping Oracle!

            How do you do it?

            You’re simply beyond compare.

            Tell me your secret!

            Go on…

  2. Junkface

    All of these flags. Save them for the next Ireland football match.

    The tricolour has been sullied by nutty racists and thugs.

  3. ACI Question

    I’m fascinated by groups that make up these protests.

    Speaking in very general terms, the left has always struggled with just how broad a church it is, the more conservative ideals of the right being very focused as they are.

    Now you have something like this, where a number of different right leaning groups are coming together to protest against the government’s approach to the Corona virus. They’ll have to be careful to manage the message of their fringe elements or their coalition could come apart at the seems under the spotlight of media coverage. “We can’t all stay locked up forever and our business are suffering” is a compelling argument, “Bill Gates wants to microchip you, kill the sun and spy on you with 5G before replacing you with immigrants” not so much.

    Questioning authority is good, personally I don’t really get this one though. I can’t see what’s ‘in it’ for the powers that be to implement the measures they have. There’s no doubt that the messaging hasn’t been great or as clear as it could be but I can make some allowances for the constantly changing situation.

    Haven’t seen any serious voices saying they shouldn’t be allowed to protest, ideally they’d take proper precautions while doing so but obviously that would undercut their message so hopefully no attendees brought the virus there with them.

  4. Do I need a username?

    Coveney is correct – this lot appear to be able to march, weekly at this stage, with impunity where they like and when they like curiously roaring paedo at all and sundry and displaying a deep-seated anger, the cause of which appears to change on a weekly basis. For some reason, they decided the Journal.ie and their horrible fact checking to be the latest source of their ire.

    Nobody is suggesting these cuddly people can’t march but these rolling weekly meanacing demonstrations are fast becoming a headache for most of us (and city businesses) who are not afforded the same indulgence from the authorities. You want to organise a march- you go through the proper channels and there should be some breathing room of a least a few weeks between one and the next.

    Roll on the winter rain.

  5. Do I need a username?

    What is with the paedo thing though?! Utterly perplexing. There were a significant few who appeared to be screaming it relentlessly.

    Needless to say, the ones roaring it did admittedly look a lot like paedos themselves.


    1. Commenter #1

      These marches are not just gatherings of individuals objecting to the wearing of masks/face-coverings; they are comprised of all sorts of curious fringe movements that are glomming on to that central message in a bid to gain mainstream relevance. That’s nothing new; “popular” movements have often been co-opted in this way. A more cynical view might say that it’s the other way around; fringe and far-right groups have identified the anti-mask/Covid-conspiracy position as a way to get their other ideas mainstream attention.

      The paedophile stuff comes in large part, i would suggest, from the Q-Anon movement and associated right-wing conspiracy groups. What’s a very strange coincidence is that Broadsheet was for a long time oddly sympathetic to Q-Anon as a theory. You don’t see so much of that any more on here though.

      1. Commenter #1

        Another weird coincidence! Just like Q-Anon, we don’t hear about Gemma O’Doherty on here quite as much as we used to.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          She’s been “muzzled” by Twitter, FB, Youtube etc. She only has a couple of very small niche platforms to spout her rantings these days.

          1. Micko

            Yeah – pushed underground not so good though.

            That’s when she’s most dangerous. Speaking unchallenged to people who are easily convinced of her opinions.

            Deplatforming there people is a HUGE mistake.

            When they speak in the open – people can see she’s mad

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            When they speak in the open they organise marches that see people assaulted and journalists threatened. Leave them die off into insignificence, bleating into their echo chamber.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    “…….try to get the balance right between the right to protest and be heard and the law and the regulations and guidelines that we have to protect the public”

    At least he’s made a distinction between regulations and guidelines.

  7. Joe

    Something is deeply wrong with FFFGGP where they encourage the arrest
    of Debenhams workers for seeking what they’re entitled to but literal fascists can goose step march through Dublin, threaten, and actually assault people and carry on again next week while the Gardai stand by

    1. Do I need a username?

      Another conundrum – the Debenham’s workers who were treated incredibly shoddily have the Gardaí monitoring their every protest in detail and then a baying mob of angry imbeciles can hold rolling weekly demonstrations in Dublin City Centre with Gardaí acting more as chaperones than anything approximating their law and order duties. FFS.

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    Conspiracy theorist nutjobs led by racists and British backed “patriots” spreading anti healthworker rheteoric while threatening journalistic freedom. Fierce bang of 1930s Germany off them.

    Absolute dirt, the lot of them

    1. Micko

      Funny, I thought the same thing about the lads all lined up in single file that were protesting on Sat as well.

      Very 1930’s Germany too…

  9. Just Sayin

    Some / many of thre protesters are nutjobs, but there are some sane people there as well who have figured out that the government have sold us a pack of lies.

    Lockdown didn’t work (unless you define working as ‘things not turning out like the mad modellers said it would’)

    Masks don’t work (just look it up yourself)

    The epidemic was seasonal (basically ended in June) and not much worse than a bad flu season
    e.g. compare to 2018 if you don’t believe me.

    Current PCR tests are total rubbish (again look it up yourself)

    There’s a lot to protest about there even if you’re not a nutjob conspiracy theorist.

    1. Do I need a username?

      “The pandemic was seasonal”

      We are entreated to “look it up” or Google it.

      Grand so.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Indeed Bodge old sport.
        Remember those halcyon days when people consumed a wide range of media to help inform them of their opinions and decisions.
        So much easier now to comment on social media about stuff you haven’t read.
        It’s almost like technology is regressing human intelligence.

        1. Do I need a username?

          So you are relying on Youth Defence press – Grift – to “stand up for the truth”.

          Jaysus wept.

          Deluded dingbats.

    1. Do I need a username?

      Gotta love Grift media aka Youth Defence press. Always good to know what Declan Ganley, his shill John McJerk and Niamh Ní Bhriain (creepy daughter of your wan who coined the phrase “wife-swooping sodomite”) want you to think.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Did Justin Barrett’s pals in Youth Defence rebrand as Grifter Meeja cos Middle Age Defence didn’t test well?

        1. Do I need a username?

          No, things are bad for pot-bellied goblin Barrett. Even creepy Niamh Ní Bhriain and Ganley’s shill John McJerk have long abandoned him. Makes one wonder, if that shady lot won’t associate with him…eek!

  10. SOQ

    Oh boy the ‘tolerant’ left is all out today eh? Everyone there was a Nazi so, even the blacks and the Asians and the gays- all Nazis.

    Just like Custom House Quay- when Führer de Brun goose stepped up to the microphone, and when he gave his famous roman salute the crowd shouted Heil de Brun- Heil de Brun- Heil de Brun !

    After which he gave a rousing and impassioned speech on-


    state negligence in the nursing home sector.

      1. Truth in the News

        In a year or so when we all have got past the pandemic, will we all realize that
        a lot of the measures introduced only flatned the peaks over a longer duration
        yet in the end the level of infections and deaths may end up as similar
        There seems to be an official view that 1918 Flu is similar to the CV 19, there
        is a huge difference in particular relating to potency that caused immediate
        death of some victims in the 1918 epidemic

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