This afternoon.

Dame Court, Dublin 2.

On a day that wet pubs all over the country are allowed to reopen, except in Dubin which is under Level 3 restrictions, a group of diners at the Dame Tavern enjoy, what we must assume, are post-meal or pre-meal pints. The food not only soaking up the alcohol but scaring off the rona, according to experts.


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Well, they smell of food.”

Tense moments as Gardai pass by.


25 thoughts on “A Digestif

    1. Ray

      Some people work every Saturday and Sunday and love a Monday pint, not sure it’s the case here… but I’m off every Monday.

      1. Truth in the News

        Neither a spoon, fork, knife or a plate in sight or room on the upended
        Barrell, while the custodians of upholding the law passby….unmasked:

  1. Eoin

    What? No comments about these people being ‘covidiots’ or ‘far right’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’? Fair play Broadsheeters. I’m impressed.

  2. Dynamite

    Pack of Gaylord’s leave them people alone for all you know they just had one drink and food after it all it’s only a picture, the George be opening soon sometime for you to occupy your time

  3. BS

    neck tattoo. grey tracksuit. drinking of a monday afternoon and not adhering to distancing advice.

    this is why you cant let people make their own decisions on things that affect the whole population

  4. Anna

    9euro meal does not work as a Covid 19 vacination. If it would, we all would be safe by now.
    There is less than 15 of them, they are outdoors.
    What is the difference if they eating or not? Retorical

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