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American investigative sports journalist irvin Muchnick (top right), on the trail of former Irish Olympic swimming coach and child rapist George Gibney (top left) since 2015, answers your questions (submitted earlier) on the case and and the podcast that has brought world-wide attention to Gibney’s crimes.

Irvin writes at

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17 thoughts on “Answer A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Hicksonian

    Excellent interview with Irvin. He has really got to the heart of this travesty with his investigave work. We need more people like him to raise the sand and keep this campaign for justice alive in a meaningful way.

  2. ciaran

    Great stuff Irvin and Broadsheet. The Gageby family and the Irish state have a lot to answer for.
    * in my opinion

        1. Sara

          Bodger, check out Who’s Who in Ireland: The Influential 1000 (1991 edition), check out the entry for Bibi Baskin. It mentions Gibney.

  3. Lilly

    Irvin was wise to refuse to lend credibility to the Second Captains podcast IMO.

    @John, I’m writing you a prescription for some La Roche-Posay non-perfumed sunblock.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    I missed the call for questions for Answer a Broadsheet Reader, sorry, good interview, keep well Irvin.

  5. the rave

    Great interview, I am listening to the 2nd captains podcast and enjoying part of it, the music and drama are a bit much for me, i do feel it is lacking detail and there could be much more in each episode. As Irivn said , people already know where Gibney is and if BBC want a story they should also be dealing in to who let him out of Ireland and how. Gibney should be rotting in jail but also those who covered up for him as well.

    It would be interesting to hear a podcast on the subject from Irvin (if there is not one already)

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