Into Your Arms


Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

This afternoon.

After you.

No, I Insist.


Daily Covid-19 case rate heading for 6,000, says HSE chief (RTÉ)

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18 thoughts on “Into Your Arms

  1. Junkface

    Israel are doing the fastest vaccination deployment. Can’t we find out what exactly they are doing to get such fast results? Or is it down to their large army helping out? We don’t have a large army.

    They should also be vaccinating over the weekends. This is a Pandemic.

    1. this isn't the droid you are looking for

      I would PAY and await 3AM appointment on Saturday if that meant returning to ‘normalcy’.

    2. ce

      Relatively functional health service (especially community health), national id system, and bought lots of vaccine

  2. Cú Chulainn

    If I’m mistaken, we should be at 40,000 this week, so this is actually telling us that we are 5,000 short. Is it not possible, given that we are in a pandemic, to take over labs and start manufacturing here so we can meet demand as a matter of urgency.

  3. Charger Salmons

    As ever the German best-selling newspaper BILD is ahead of the game about the lack of vaccines in Europe thanks to EU blunders.
    The Irish media is strangely silent on this story – they’d be all over it like a cheap suit if it was the UK instead of the EU.
    You’re being taken for chumps.

    Google Translate is your friend.

  4. SB

    40,000 a week means it will “only” take two and a half years to vaccinate everybody. Thank God for anti-vaxxers opting out!

  5. Dr.Fart

    for a start, just because Donnelly says the number 35,000, it doesn’t make it credible. Even as a low expectation, it could well fall short of that but we’ll never know. The Gov. have enough form of incompetence for us to surely know by now, this roll out with be no better than anything they’ve tried to do before. Before any numbers were heard, we know the vaccination crews only work 9-5 mon-fri .. which is remarkably unambitious.

  6. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Glaciers move faster than the HSE.
    How about mobile clinics visiting areas where the elderly and vulnerable reside, to administer the Pfizer vaccine, or at least plan to administer the Astra Zeneca one? Or utilising the Blood Bike networks? The E in HSE is the problem, as always.

  7. Dr.Fart

    watching BBC there, and this bird was saying if they (UK) don’t seriously slow down the spread then the mutations can grow and then the vaccine will be useless against it. they’ll keep having to make new vaccines, and the crisis will go on eternally.

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