A Terrible Beauty


This afternoon.

C & N Beauty salon, Balbriggan, County Dublin.


Four men and three women were arrested in relation to this demonstration and associated breaches of the Health Act. Six of those arrests were dealt with by way of Fixed Penalty Notice.

One man, aged in his 50s, has been charged in relation to this incident and is due to appear before the Swords District court.

That’ll learn them.

Chaotic scenes as Gardai arrest seven people at huge Balbriggan lockdown protest (Dublin Live)

Earlier: Obeying Orders



Yesterday: Byrne Notice

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51 thoughts on “A Terrible Beauty

  1. Micko

    Every night we see news presenters, media personalities all on RTE/ VirginMedia etc with their hair, nails, beauty treatments and make up all done.

    No one says anything. It’s all tickedy boo..

    But, if an independent beauty salon or hairdresser tries to open to provide those EXACT SAME services to a member of the general public well then it’s “a good ol arresting and fining for them”.

    Further sending them down the rabbit hole of poverty and possible criminal proceedings.

    This just seems crazy.

    1. George

      I think you mean “thousands of hairdressers providing the exact same services to millions of people”.

    2. Nilbert

      I think you must have chosen to deliberately see two entirely different scenarios as being the ‘EXACT SAME’.

      I mean, it would be difficult to be that stupid?

      RTE have made some ridiculous blunders during lockdown, but they are irrelevant to this case.

      1. Micko

        Dear Nilbert,

        Thanks for your letter. I hope this reply finds you well.

        Could you please explain to me in detail, the difference between a female human being sitting in a chair having make up applied to her face in a beauty salon, versus a female human being sitting in a chair in RTÉ having make up applied to her face and how one scenario differs from another?

        And please don’t say “greater numbers” as the level of danger is the same.

        While you’re at it, could you also explain how Luke O’Neill rolling around in a giant hamster wheel on the Claire Byrne show two weeks ago could be perceived as “essential travel”?

        Unless he traveled there down the N11 in the bloody thing!!!

        Actually, I’d probably watch that. ;)

        Yours sincerely,


        1. Nilbert

          Good man Micko, you nearly got there all by yourself… numbers is exactly the issue!

          That’s how viruses work, and that’s what a pandemic is.
          It’s when multiple people infect each other through multiple contacts.

          But I think you already knew that you cheeky scamp!

          1. Micko

            So we’re saying that say 300 people through RTÉ’s make up dept a week is more dangerous than 300 people through a beauty salon?

            There are also plenty of film and tv productions going on at the moment. All employing people in the same vein make up, extras, camera operators etc.

            Are they essential?

            And, you dodged the Luke O’Neill question. Was he essential?

            Also, I like “scamp” ;)


          1. Micko

            Here BB

            We’re you not saying a couple of weeks ago that you were travelling via airplane for essential biz purposes?

    3. Scundered

      Make up artist in studio would only be dealing with tiny number of people, it’s not a fair comparison if you know how they operate

  2. anolderman

    As I walk this land it feels like a Nora Batty at every turn. No new dresses for spring. Hair hidden, otherwise bad streaks of grey. Men looking rough. We are no 3 on the most severe of lock downs. Panic and hysteria at every turn. People trying to skip to get the injection. Some by genuine fear others so as to guarantee a holiday. To have that as a driver to inject an experimental emergency drug. Im going away until the summer. The intolerance of the zealots here is alarming. This is the new religion it has all the hall marks. The useful fools. The lack of critical thinking. I note D3 is now getting traction in our health system. Next you will see the invermectin results. Egypt has interesting reports. I note these places outside the western medical influence. These countries cant afford the big premium on western drugs yet they produce exciting therapies in areas such as cancers.
    I think this wont change until the women of Ireland stand up for themselves. Alas their men as were their fathers before them are useless. My children are all gone living the good life abroad. Eldest zoomed me from a pub in Canada. Other in China, and youngest in Spain. Life’s too short & you wont get these months back. What a venal place to be born in. I cant change this so like many of my peers I will go where I’m treated best. Slan.

        1. Commenter #1

          Such fresh new voices! Sure, they’re offering oddly-familiar perspectives that have been trotted out ad nauseam (sp?) for the last year, but sometimes they use odd punctuation.

          If you were paranoid, which I apparently am, you’d think that a lot of them were actually one person pretending to be lots of different people!

          But that’s silly.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    A police force consigned to the rubbish bin. What a waste of personnel. Is this what it’s come to? No blusher required.
    What next? – a scrapped Manchester Police van with a load of masked thugs in it breaking up a kids birthday party?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Well the first part of my post has happened. The second part was tongue in cheek. But if they spend their time in numbers patrolling a beauty salon, then it follows that they may well patrol kids birthday parties. All that training eh?

        1. Bitnboxy

          Speaking of thugs, I see Ben Gilroy and his goons who were “helping” this woman scuttled off like rats when the cops arrived. Of course, she got busted only to have Ben Gilroy crop back up “live streaming” to his band of incels and dysfunctionals outside the Garda Station when the coast was clear.

          I know who I would have arrested. And it’s not that woman.

  4. ciaran

    I did read a while ago that RTE presenters were doing there own hair and make-up. but that was an article on RTE so take what you will from it.

    1. Micko

      That was earlier in “the covids” and you could tell they were doing their own.

      Claire Byrne’s hair was lob-sided at one stage. ;)

      The RTÉ depts are back up and running now.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Still, the fact Doorley didn’t remember Treyvaud from a TV appearance a few years ago is even more insulting.

      Covid has driven folks demented. That’s what all this tells me. There is madness in the air.

      I don’t care to say it GiggidyPox, but you are also one of them.

      But you know that.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        has covid driven people demented or has it just drawn the unhinged loopers that were always there out into the open ?

          1. benblack

            Cryptic crossword clue, I think.


            Event horizon.

            Or, Covid is an artist – a mad driver, perhaps?

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Similarly, in work, I often wonder –
          do people end up mad because they work nights or do they end up on nights because they’re mad?

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice. And so it begins again.
        Are you up to it this time Bpox?
        Remember- I have your last meltdown ready and waiting.

  5. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

    Ben Gilroy acting the maggot, goading people on to protest, but managed to avoid arrest himself!

    1. Bitnboxy


      Gilroy is an absolute ghoul for letting her take the hit while he slithered off.

      He is also forbidden by the High Court from dispensing legal advice.

      An utter wastrel and charlatan.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Blackpitts, Dublin 8. Last Friday. 100+ gathered for prayer. Gardai informed a few times. No arrival. But a task force arrives in balbriggan for a beauty shop opening.
    Explain that one?

    1. Bitnboxy

      Aren’t places of worship open for prayer but not services?

      Is this one of your usual attempts to slur migrants?

      Low-born toad.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Ah I could feel the vibes over the past 3 days. The little test posts to ease yourself in. Ha haaaa.

        A gathering of 100+ you dope. Listen, you handed your own ass to yourself here a couple of weeks ago. And you’ve just done it again. Now clear off and try gain some intelligence, if that’s possible.

    2. SB

      Maybe because whatever you’re referring to in Blackpitts didn’t go on every radio show and newspaper in the country yesterday to advertise the fact they would be breaking the law today

  7. Charger Salmons

    Is this the Tom Dooley who had a new botty-boo delivered to him every time he appeared on TV with Marco Pierre White ?
    I hope his appearance fee was worth the ignominy.

    1. Otis Blue

      One and the same.

      It seems he’s forgotten his failed deli venture in Lismore. His suppliers haven’t.

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      Gas thing is
      The more I read his writing and tweeting
      And see him on the telly
      The more I’m convinced he knows nothing about food or wine

      Just gluttony

      Now Marco definitely
      I’d love to have him ‘ round for tea

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