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This afternoon.

C & N Beauty salon, Balbriggan, County Dublin.


Four men and three women were arrested in relation to this demonstration and associated breaches of the Health Act. Six of those arrests were dealt with by way of Fixed Penalty Notice.

One man, aged in his 50s, has been charged in relation to this incident and is due to appear before the Swords District court.

That’ll learn them.

Chaotic scenes as Gardai arrest seven people at huge Balbriggan lockdown protest (Dublin Live)

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Yesterday: Byrne Notice

Balbriggan, County Dublin last Sunday

This morning.

Further to the house fire in Balbriggan, County Dublin blamed by some as a racially-motivated, gang-related arson attack..

Jakub Zarkowsk on Gofundme writes:

My very close friend Dare lost his house on August the 9 to a fire. The news and media is making it out to be some sort of gang related incident. Honestly it has nothing to do with that. This was a complete accident.

Thankfully his mother and sister weren’t home, his step dad and little brother were in the house at the time but made it out safely. Thank god there all safe but they left behind everything in that house. Any help (at link below) would be greatly appreciated thank you.

€5,030 to date.

A New Home (GoFundMe)

Monday: Putting Out The Fire


Balbriggan, County Dublin.