The Fupp Joe Biden Movement


Last night.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York city, New York.

No need for the language.

New York teachers protest vaccine mandates, march across Brooklyn Bridge: ‘I call the shots’ (Fox)

‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chants Erupt Across College Football Games for Second Weekend (Newsweek)

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63 thoughts on “The Fupp Joe Biden Movement

    1. ian-oG

      7 million more people said Fupp Trouser Dump Trump so if its a competition I guess the scumbag lost.


      I have quite a bit of sympathy for anyone dumb enough to think Trouser Dump gave a rats posterior for them or their very real problems. Biden may not be the answer to the US’s ills, but Trump exacerbated them.

      Not Biden, not Clinton, the guy who ruined 1000’s of peoples lives before we even look to Covid.

        1. realPolithicks

          Its gas, there are millions of versions of you here in the US bodger. Anti mask, anti vax, trump won the election etc. You were always a conspiracy believer but you’ve gone off the charts, you should move to Texas you’ll be much happier.

          1. Bodger

            I don’t think it was a clean election. I don’t think Joe Biden won more votes than Obama did at his height. If that makes me a redneck well then yee haw.

            Furthermore, realPolithicks, while you’re being insulting, there are thousands of versions of you here. Extremely dull telly addicts unwilling to see beyond left and right and orange man bad even if it kills them.

          2. realPolithicks

            You’ve become a parody of yourself bodger, the nonsense you post on here has gone from being out in right field to downright dangerous. Covid is real and it doesn’t matter what your “opinion” is about it. There are tens of thousands of dead people in this country who believed the same things you do.

          3. Bodger

            realPolithicks, if I am a nonsense-spouting parody even of myself how can I be dangerous? What right thinking person would trust my views? You can’t have it both ways.

          4. Bodger

            ‘Covid is real and it doesn’t matter what your “opinion” is about it.’

            May I use that as a possible movie tagline?

          5. Man On Fire

            Bodger, ignore the jibes from the sheltered..

            Your articles, posts and headlines are very much appreciated.

          6. realPolithicks

            You’re spreading disinformation about a major health crisis and I think any reasonable person would agree that this is dangerous.

          7. Bodger

            realPolithicks, but then that reasonable person would see that I am a laughing stock getting regularly pelted by rotten fruit and veg and go about their day. Do you see the flaw in your accusation?

          8. bisted

            …there are tens of thousands of innocent children dead…almost another million people dead and millions more injured…multi-millions displaced at the hands of Obama, sleepy Joe and crooked Hillary…and don’t start me about Bush/Blair…they truly are an evil empire…

          1. Oro

            But why does it matter what you think? Without any proof or evidence to suggest otherwise it’s just your opinion. Which isn’t worth much, no offense. It’s just more magnets sticking to arms.

          2. Oro

            But in an irrational person (perhaps one that believes in any old conspiracy theory they come across) couldn’t ‘instincts’ be just confused with ‘personal bias’ in that you’re set to a mode where you’ll do just about anything to affirm them to yourself? Kinda moves into delusion territory rather than instinct. These ideas should meet a certain threshold of credibility, and without an ounce of evidence it just doesn’t pass muster.

          3. Man On Fire

            “But in an irrational person..”

            I think you’re an irrational person given some of your beliefs, so if the cap fits etc..

          4. Oro

            But my point is that the subject matter being discussed here is objective rather than subjective. If there was evidence of election tampering on a significant scale it could be and should be backed up with some evidentiary support. Opinions don’t matter here without some kind of hard real life backup. This isn’t film critiquing. A rational person would look at this and understand that throwing accusations around based on ‘instinct’ is a redundant exercise. Yet here we are.

          5. Oro

            Not much other than it’s great that more people took part in the democratic process because of mail in voting. The proportion of votes didn’t stray much from usual margins. Joe did better proportionally than Obama’s 2012 results but worse than his 2008. What are you searching for here I don’t understand it? I think conspiracy theorists are often searching for meaning in their lives, or order, is it that?

            What did your instincts say when Trump was elected even though he secured fewer votes in 2016?

          6. Oro

            Are you going to engage with anything I said or keep asking ‘setup’ questions? Do you expect me to reply to your new questions when you won’t engage with my replies to your previous comments?

          7. Man On Fire

            I did engage with you. You never replied to me.

            Now answer the question, do you believe previous elections were tampered with?

          8. Oro

            You didn’t engage with anything I wrote previously about irrationality in people. Sorry, I don’t owe you anything. A conversation doesn’t jump topic every few seconds it’s supposed to be a back & forth with replies that engage with what the other person has said. Try it!

          9. Man On Fire

            But I did, by challenging you I am engaging with you.. We were discussing election tampering and for whatever reason you didn’t like the question I posed to you, which was about election tampering.

            I’ll take your lack of initiative in answering me as evasiveness and conclude you’re unable to answer as it shows you to be a hypocrite.

          10. Oro

            Challenging me?!?!? That’s a good one.

            Changing topic because you’ve nothing to add to another setup question ≠ engaging with someone, nor does it qualify for challenging someone. I notice you did the same thing with V’s comment about postal voting below.

            Take my lack of answering you as evidence that you’re a dose of a commenter rather than anything to do with hypocrisy(why hypocrisy?).

          11. Man On Fire

            ROFL x 7 million.

            You couldn’t answer as it would show you to be the hypocrite you are.

            I never answered or engaged with V on this subject. Keep your paranoid projections to yourself.

            And engaging someone in discussion is not fixed to whatever little meaningless parameters you’ve set in your warped little mind.

            You couldn’t or wouldn’t answer because your a busted flush.

            Job done.

          12. Oro

            You can rofl yourself all you like, it’s probably the only way your floors get a clean.

            You interrupt everyone daily (as you did to me today), try to direct the conversation via demands / leading questions, and won’t reply to any answers to these, rather than change to more shouty leading questions, it’s fairly dull stuff tbh.

            If you can’t see how much of a nightmare commenter that makes you then there’s not much point in dealing with you. Do you get that? If you want to have an actual useful conversation I will but I won’t respond to this line of staccato questioning if you continue it, it’s a waste of my time and nobody enjoys reading it.

            “You couldn’t or wouldn’t answer because your (sic) a busted flush.”

            I cringe at this shared little rolodex of supposed pwns you share with your little sidekick (thankfully not involved in this thread). Dreadful.

          13. V aka Frilly Keane

            lets put the number of votes to bed
            since the example of Biden’s v Obama has been introduced as enough to arouse suspicion about Biden’s tally

            Total Polls in the last five US Presidential Elections
            2020 158,383,403
            2016 136,669,276
            2012 129,085,410
            2008 131,313,820
            2004 122,295,345

            So you can see there, Obama got circa 9m more out to vote in 2008
            and likewise in 2016 – Trump got 6.5 million more from the previous election

            Also worth noting
            in 2016 Trump had 62,984,828 votes out of the total poll and got elected for himself
            yet his 74,216,154 (just under 12million more btw) didn’t get him over the line

            an additional 21,714,127 votes were cast in 2020 – up 16% from 2016
            of which 11,231,326 were Trump votes, making Trump the actual beneficiary of the bigger voter turnout

            In simple language – of the 21,714,127 additional votes cast in 2020
            Donald Trump got 52% of them

            see, when it comes to voting
            the real truth is in the numbers

            not what some fella reads off a twitter feed

          14. Nigel

            ‘What ensured mail-in voting?’

            The US Constitution.

            You’re not Socrates, Bodger, stop trying to make your arguments via leading questions, just make your ruddy point.

          15. jungleman

            Jaysus Bodger, time for you to give Broadsheet a break I think. You are ruining this website. Pity as it was once a very enjoyable read.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          I’m weighing into this
          although I know I shouldn’t bother

          The Election was Incompetent
          Everywhere and anywhere you look at it
          it was incompetent
          and by the way I actually have

          So I am prepared to argue that it was dirty
          it was incompetent and incompetence allows all sorts of situations to happen, arise or even be the basis for arguments

          and if you want to talk about the total poll
          or Biden’s count v Obamas

          just look at the field ffs
          and the postal and early ballot registrations
          both parties got their vote out
          American voters finally got up and off their malaise about Washington and voted
          or tried to
          And I have actually spoken to a Returning officer (Sec of State for the State of Iowa)
          And he is a Republican – before anyone tries to but but but

          as the t-shirt says
          It wasn’t rigged – you’re just a loser
          it was close – and with over 150m votes it was a stinger to be on the wrong side of the 50+1

          Without the benefit of a fully provided staff, Trump has fallen apart
          and you know, that’s when you really know who you were electing
          when there’s no one minding him, only himself

          Biden is making a hames of it all
          so no matter who the GOP put up next time, as long as its not Trump
          They’re in with a right chance of pulling back the WH
          at which point you can be sure there is going to be no improvements to voter ‘services’

        3. Nigel

          Of course it wasn’t clean. Trump tried to sabotage the postal vote, Republicans tried to obstruct voters of colour in every way they could, and Trump wanted Electors, officials, Pence and the Supreme Court to throw him the election after his decisive loss. On the other hand none of the accusations of fraud thrown at Biden have come with a scrap of evidence. Instinct doesn’t stand up in court. Or anywhere really.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            re the postal vote

            he tried to stop State Secretaries issuing postal ballots
            and attempted to insert State House legislation to disqualify postal voters
            with all sorts of silly rules

            he also attempted to stop the counting of postal ballots

            just to colour in the point about the State Secretaries
            they are Returning Officers
            you do not – no matter what office you hold or are seeking election to
            You do not seek to have them removed or their jobs changed – from one Constituency to another because they may not be to your own way of thinking

            You NEVER interfere with a Returning Officer
            part of the problem btw with US elections
            Its inept in so many ways
            it could and should be a book tbh
            certinly a documentary

            I know voter registration is the main talking point
            but I’m being specific about the apparatus or machine if you like
            that starts up and takes over the moment the writs are moved

          2. K. Cavan

            That’s exactly what a Democrat supporter would say, bias is hardly superior to instinct, really
            If the Democrats stole the election, they were never going to be prosecuted for it but 2020 saw 155 million votes cast, while 129 million would’ve been a big turnout in previous years.
            In recent elections we’ve seen a decrease of 4 million in the number of voters but an increase of 26 million is extraordinary & certainly worth investigating given that “no excuse” postal voting is one of many weak links in the election system of a bitterly divided country with a blandly corrupt political life.

          3. Nigel

            It’s not bias versus instincts. It’s Trump’s words and actions are on the record versus your suspicions about voting numbers are not backed up by a shred of evidence of fraud.

        4. ian-oG

          @ Bodger – I have no idea to be honest but having lots of family and friends living in the US I do know that they saw a concerted effort to get out the vote to dislodge Trump that saw people who admitted to having never voted before going and actually voting for the first time.

          Now my little straw poll is hardly telling much of a tale but it does match stories I have heard from all different sources. The reality is that the GOP is trying to hang onto a base that is shrinking and they already have muddied the waters with their gerrymandering – how on earth could a piece of human excrement like Gym Jordan get elected without literally twisting his district to ensure he has the right sort of voters?

          The democrats may not be the clean, all American heroes they portray themselves to be but they are certainly nowhere near as bad as the GOP who have just retreated into the same sort of nonsense we are seeing with the DUP.

          So on the balance of probabilities, I’d say it was as clean and as fair as might be possible over there but that is merely an opinion, that’s usually all I ever have without hard facts.

      1. K. Cavan

        ian-oG, Biden’s presidency must stand, or totter around, on it’s merits or, as Nigel might say, countermerits. Trump’s shortcomings are irrelevant to Biden’s, unless you factor in that Trump’s election sent Woke America so insane that it didn’t know what it was doing when it selected him
        Only one of them is president, right now.
        It’s Biden. (spoken in Biden’s “whisper-in-the mic” style)

  1. Rob_G

    ‘LAST YEARS HEROS’ – this affirms all of my preconceived notions about both anti-vaxxers and teachers.

  2. K. Cavan

    You’d have to hand it to Biden, though, his stream-of-barely-consciousness verbals when his attention wanders really knock George Bush’s Malapropisms & weird syntax into a cocked hat.
    He and Dianne Abbott should work together.

    1. Johnny

      … year is the governor’s reelection race in the most important state in America,Cali.
      As a part time -full time winter- resident I would like thank Jenner,for his/her abysmal performance all but assuring Newsome a easy win and cheap too,next year I mean who ya got to run haha

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