This morning.

Major changes to alcohol licensing laws will be discussed by the Cabinet today.


Staggered and extended closing times for bars and possibly nightclubs are under consideration as well as bringing Sunday trading times into line with the rest of the week

Night-Time Economy Committees will be established in six cities and towns across the country.

Supports for venues such as cafes and clubs to stay open later for culture or live events from Monday to Thursday are also set to be examined.

There is a possibility too that planning codes could be changed to allow empty buildings be used for events.


Staggered closing times part of major licensing law changes being considered (RTÉ)


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6 thoughts on “Staggered

  1. ce

    Looks like we’re loosing more of our freedoms as part part the NWO…

    I reckon the Vintner faked the pandemic so that coming out of it we’d all be gumming so much for a rake of pints that it would be easy to lobby for change in the law….

    Bread, circuses, and pints…

  2. Nilbert

    Wait up!! I thought this TOTALITARIAN regime was NEVER going to relax the Covid lockdown measures?

    I thought we had lost all of our FREEDOMS forever, like the dumb SHEEPLE we are? I was guarnanteed this constnantly over the last year on this website.
    Are we even going to get another Nuremburg or what?
    What about all the lynchings?

    1. Nigel

      How many BOOSTER SHOTS of ESPRESSO are you willing to put UP WITH in YOUR BODY to keep you AWAKE past NORMAL CLOSING HOURS now they’re being EXTENDED?

    2. Mr.T

      The nordies updated licensing laws left us with a huge disparity that has to be fixed lest we lose even more precious tax monies to venues north of the border.

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