Getting The Spins


From top: Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly getting his first jab last June;  the Minister at the opening of Rathdrum Primary Care Centre, county Wicklow last Monday

This afternoon.

Amid a ”sudden and unexpected* change” in the ‘behaviour’ of the Covid-19 virus that is causing “alarm” among senior public health officials and may see the lifting of restrictions postponed….


Health Minister Stephen Donnelly is self-isolating after experiencing mild symptoms of Covid-19.

He was forced to postpone his Budget press conference due at the Department of Health this morning where he was scheduled to appear before members of the media.

The Department of Health said today he “has experienced mild symptoms of Covid-19.

As per public health advice, Minister Donnelly immediately self-isolated and arranged a test which has returned a not-detected result.

“Minister Donnelly will continue to follow the public health advice (including working from home) and encourages anyone who experiences symptoms of Covid-19 to self-isolate and get tested straight away.”

The minister is fully vaccinated against Covid-19


Further easing of Covid-19 restrictions in doubt amid alarm over behaviour of virus (


*except by tin foilers



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68 thoughts on “Getting The Spins

  1. gallantman

    Okay so now the people are behaving but the virus is misbehaving.

    Nowhere left to go from here.

  2. Zaccone

    What exactly has the ”sudden and unexpected change” been that they’re going to try to justify further lockdowns with?

    There are no new variants. There hasn’t been any evolutionary change in the virus in the last month that I’m aware of.

    England has been fully open for _3 months_ now at this stage. The sky hasn’t fallen. Life has continued.

    If anything, they probably timed it perfectly so that their post-reopening spike hit in mid-summer, with no schools in session, with lots of outdoor socialising, and with the lowest pressure on the hospital services all year. Instead we delayed until almost November, just as everyone moves indoors and flu season begins anyway…

    1. SOQ

      And, no vaccine passports either. Then again the reason for that is probably because the people stood up and said they weren’t having it.

      Which begs the question- if vaccine passports are so popular then why aren’t English businesses tripping over themselves to implement them?

    2. Nigel

      ‘What exactly has the ”sudden and unexpected change” been that they’re going to try to justify further lockdowns with?’

      Journalism is about asking questions. Crucially, though, it’s also about finding answers to those questions and informing people. Increasingly Broadsheet has embraced an approach to journalism that is the opposite of informing people. So we have this phrase in quotation marks, don’t know where its from or what it’s referring to (as much the fault of the Independent as Broadsheet, in fairness,) but it certainly drives your outrage that we’re not acting like the UK. The UK, incidentally, which is one of the worst countries in the world, covid-wise.

          1. Zaccone

            On what planet are a country’s case numbers a better measure of how the covid crisis has been handled by them than their deaths? Every country on earth would rather have a higher case number than a high death number.

            Again, for the second time in two days, nice effort at trying to move the goal posts when you were proven completely wrong by statistics though.

    3. goldenbrown

      I’ll tell you what it is Zaccone….and it ain’t medical

      after a weak as p—- budget
      (that isn’t even going to keep pace with inflation never mind actually putting numbers behind the things this country desperately needs to fix)
      a budget where normal citizens needed meat
      but instead got a watery vegetable stock
      FFG are scared of the looming prospect of social unrest, public protest and will use C19 lockdown oul propaganda chat as a weapon to dampen down that threat with the scent of effective house arrest
      it’s already being found out
      dopey Eamon just got taken apart on R1 Drivetime
      as the next few weeks bring more people to pick this budget apart, normality returns and questions are being asked about what the hell FFG are playing at I’m fully expecting C19 to unexpectedly savage us


    4. Cian

      3 full months eh? “The sky hasn’t fallen. Life has continued. ”

      …except for the 100 per day that died (9,395).

      138,079 dead as of today 12-10-2021; 128,684 as of 12-7-2021

  3. SOQ

    So the minister for health, who is fully vaccinated, has now developed CoVid-19, despite the test coming back negative?

    Not wishing ill health on anyone of course but there is so many failures and contradictions in that statement, it is actually funny.

    1. Nilbert

      I think the problem is that you cannot understand what you read, or you are stubbornly unwilling to.

      The article says he experienced mild sypmtoms of covid, not that he had covid. Other things cause these same sympoms, like a mild cold if you’re lucky/vaccinated.
      Then he got tested, and the result was not positive.
      That’s what the article says, its quite simple.
      But as long as you continue to misinterpret this stuff, I suppose it keeps you busy, and you will have people you can interact with online.

  4. E'Matty

    This is what the HSE are sending to close contacts at present “This number was provided for XXX during contact tracing. XXX has been identified as a close contact of a person with COVID-19 and is at more of a risk of developing COVID-19.

    If XXX is fully vaccinated and has no symptoms, they do not need to restrict their movements or get a PCR test unless directed otherwise by Public Health. If XXX has not been fully vaccinated, they must restrict their movements (stay at home), even if feeling well, as they could be infectious.

    XXX should request COVID-19 testing now, by clicking here and using this 6 digit code XXXXXX.
    If XXX is experiencing any symptoms, they should self-isolate (stay in their room) and book a test using the link and 6 digit code above or call their GP.

    If you think XXXX is not the intended recipient of this message, or does not wish to book a test in this manner, they should do nothing and wait for a call from the HSE. If XXX has received a COVID-19 vaccination, it would really help us if they could have their vaccine name and vaccination date/s available for that call.

    Read more about what XXX needs to do:

    So, even though it is now well established (and even accepted by some of the Covidians on here) that the vaccinated can still contract and transmit the virus we have close contacts who do not have to be tested, nevermind self isolate. The unvaccinated of course, have to self isolate and get tested, all clearly as punishment for not being good boys and girls and not doing as they were instructed to do. There is no scientific basis for this clear and unwarranted discrimination against the unvaccinated. But, as Leo’s comments show, we are to be punished for exercising our right to decline a medical treatment.

      1. Micko


        It all stops when we want it to.

        But I fear the majority either don’t want it to or are afraid to be seen to go against the crowd.

        Barely anyone is dying from covid now and the ones that unfortunately are dying in their 80’s. How can a pandemic kill less people that cancer does?

        It’s been the case for months now. Countries around us are opening up and we’ll be paddy last as always.

        But, by Jeasus we love a good old religion in Ireland.

    1. Nigel

      We’ve been patiently pointing out that the vaccine reduces your chance of catching and transmitting for months every time you’ve claimed anythin other than 100% means the vaccines have failed.. But now that you’ve conme round to that way of thinking because it suits you, you have to lie about what we’ve been saying. What a despicable piece of work you are.

  5. E'Matty

    Feeling hopeful about October 22nd? Optimism rising? We just might be out of this. Put it all behind us. Oh, hang on a bit, worrying trends, concerned “experts”, government still really really want to open, but alas no, normal respiratory season arriving just in time to inflate case numbers and push us back into lockdown. Who could have predicted this? (just about every conspiraloon online).

    Whilst we may have an opening on October 22nd, it’ll likely be purely for optics. They’re already prepping the herd for the bad news. Even have the obligatory minister with a Covid scare, that magically present in western countries as restrictions are needed. Thankfully, they always recover fully and super fast. My money is on cases to rise from here on in for the next few weeks, government to reimpose many restrictions before Christmas, though with a heavy focus on vilifying and penalizing the unvaccinated. Country to feel demoralized but with media and health official help, to turn this into a nasty anti the unvaccinated drive. Could be a dark winter if lots of vaccinated people start dropping. If there are deaths, it’s going to be mostly vaccinated people given the profile of both groups now.

    1. chris

      If this whole thing was temporary, the vaccine card would have been sufficient as proof, but no they developed an app for a reason.

  6. ce

  7. RuilleBuille

    Reading the nonsense put out by the swivel eyed conspiracy loons reminds me of when the bishops claimed ‘mental reservation’ when confronted about child abuse.

    1. E'Matty

      Oh here’s one of the resident sheeple who actually believed we were “nearly there”. What part of what we say above is inaccurate? Are you claiming we won’t have continued restrictions? Are you denying the unvaccinated will be blamed for all of this, despite the lack of any basis for the claim? Here’s the circus clowns out today continuing the demonisation of the unvaccinated. You fanatics will swallow it whole though and think yourself virtuous for doing so.

      NPHET says unvaccinated having ‘disproportionate impact’ as 2,066 new Covid-19 cases confirmed
      “those who had not been vaccinated were having a “disproportionate” impact on the health service.” The prick is basing this on his duplicitous misrepresentation of the ICU figures.
      “The increase in the seven-day incidence of the virus and the pattern of the disease affecting all age groups is a “matter of concern”, he added” – looks like they are now going to blame the unvaccinated for a “change” in the virus causing it to affect children. Hype the nutcases up. Let’s just ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of unvaccinated people are now children. Talk about victim blaming.

      There’ll be no limit to what the Covid nutobs will agree to then to “punish” any unvaccinated adults.

    2. SOQ

      Reading the nonsense put out by the swivel eyed scientist loons reminds me of how they attempted to inject innocent children with an untested concoction with no long term safety data.

      Oh no wait- I am time travelling again.

  8. wearnicehats

    I doubt that the vaccine certs will be removed on the 22nd. Which is good news for those of us (and those with medical exemptions) that did our bit – we can still sit inside. It would be good if they drop the max 6 person thing though

    1. Micko

      I have a family member with a medical exemption from their doctor.

      A cert has not been forthcoming. They’ve contacted their TD several times about it to no avail.

      Do you know of anyone with a medical exemption who has received one and how they went about it?


        1. GiggidyGoo

          Did he write ‘vaccination’ cert Cian?
          Four D’d as usual. Shameful posting from you in recent times Cian.

          1. Micko

            Yes. Absolute nonsense.

            She can go to mainland Europe on a negative test, but can’t go to Nando’s in Santry for dinner with her kids.

            Well done Cian.

            There’s a good citizen.

            Sit. Good boy

          2. Cian

            Off on a tangent Micko.

            Let me repeat my question: Why would they get a Covid cert if they aren’t vaccinated (or had a recent negative test, or have natural immunity)?

          3. Micko

            We don’t accept negative tests now do we?

            Sigh…just another cian… grasping at straws I guess ;-)

            And I have natural immunity Cian – but apparently it only lasts 6 months.

            Coz dats de scienze.

            We’re living in toy town.

          4. Cian


            More tangents

            Let me repeat my question: Why would they get a Covid cert if they aren’t vaccinated (or had a recent negative test, or have natural immunity)?

          1. Cian

            By that ridiculous arguement you could ask that a person with some disability should just be given a full driving licence (without doing lessons or a test).

          2. Micko

            Well, if our government accepted:

            Antigen tests
            PCR test
            Antibody tests
            Proof of infection more that 6 months

            Then yes you might have a point. As it is, this woman cannot be vaccinated through fault of her own and it’s not right for her to be ostracised.

            But denm’s de rulez right Cian?


  9. wearnicehats

    They’d get a cert because of their exemption, albeit perhaps one with an explanation caveat. Stop being obtuse

    And Micko – no, sorry I don’t know anyone.

    1. Micko

      Thanks. Yep, she’s tried getting one from the HSE helpline, her local TD (several times – even he’s said it’s a disgrace ) and she’s even contacted Stephen Donnely’s office directly.

      They all just keep giving her the run around telling her to contact a different office.

      She wasn’t allowed into a restaurant just last week, even with her doctors cert. Then made her feel like a leper.

      Does ANYONE know of anyone who has got a cert for an exemption and how they went about it?

      Starting to think they are mythical.

      1. SOQ

        Its the HSE- even while outsourcing passport tech they insisted employees were jabbed, so they were told where to go- including by me.

        1. Micko

          The HSE helplines are just bouncing her back and forth I’m afraid SOQ. the answer is different each time she’s rung up.

          She’s pretty much given up at this stage, it was just when wearnicehats mentioned it, I thought he/she may have known the actual Gov agency to talk to about it.

          Cheers though

          1. Chris

            It wouldn’t be surprising if there was no measures in place for the exempt – they just don’t care.

      1. Steph Pinker

        Why would proof of exemption be required for something that’s not mandatory yet infringes on citizens’ rights?*

        *ahem… or compulsory.

        1. Micko

          He sounds like he feels he’s been made an eejit of

          He even said so.

          But I’m sure you’re right Cian

          Good boy

          1. Cian

            Thank you for posting the link so we can all listen to him and judge for ourselves.

            I don’t hear him being “very angry”… but y’all can listen and hear for yourselves.

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