You’re Ruining It For Everyone


Paul Reid, HSE CEO

Last night.



Detecting a pattern?

Health expert says lifting of Covid restrictions should continue as planned (RTÉ)

Last night: Getting The Spins


Taoiseach Micheál Martin






Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris has suggested an extension of the digital Covid certificate beyond October 22nd as a possible way of society fully reopening in a safe way.

Mr Harris said under the current proposals, the use of digital certificates was no longer required after the ending of restrictions on venues, such as nightclubs, from the end of next week.

He said: “We are not in this binary position of do we open or not to open. We have learned a lot about the virus and learned a lot about how to keep us safe. We have a huge amount of our people vaccinated.

“We should be asking more nuanced questions of each other. How can you open and keep it safely open?”

Extension of digital Covid cert could allow further easing of restrictions, suggests Harris (Irish Times)



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59 thoughts on “You’re Ruining It For Everyone

  1. Mr.T

    Rise in hospital cases is largely due to hospital acquired infections, which are running rampant atm.

    Last few days, discharges > admissions, but numbers in hospital still rose – see above

  2. GiggidyGoo

    This scenario, to the month I believe, was foretold by Micko (as far as I remember) here a couple of months ago.

          1. chris

            I’ve been watching ‘stats’ for sometime – the difference is I can recognise propaganda when I see it

          2. chris

            Nigel, you can’t assess if someone can, if you can’t recognise propaganda in the first place.
            You are nullified by your own gullibility.

          3. Nigel

            I can see how you respond to certain information in one way, other information another way, and treat the lack of other information as something that confirms your biases rather than undermines them. Hence yesterday you had no interest in digging in to the figures from Waterford. Now you claim to want to dig in to these figures, but actually all you’ve done is declare them propaganda because they disprove your claims. This is not how someone interested in the truth behaves.

        1. george

          Why would the unvaccinated be more likely to be hospitalised for other things than the rest of the population?

    1. Micko

      By me and many others on here Gigz. ;)

      To be honest, I’m just surprised that no one in the media has actually EVER asked ‘what level do we need to be at to reopen fully? When will it be safe?’

      Seems like a pretty basic scientific question a Journalist could ask.

      What’s the endgame here?

      Is it just that the 300K people who don’t want (or can’t have) a vaccine are separated from the community indefinitely?

      Seems like a lot of people, including Pat Kenny want them punished.

      Would it not make sense to offer the unvax’d and vaccine hesitant an Antibody test to see if they have antibodies.

      If they don’t, then it might convince them to get vaccinated.

      Ye know actually USE science to improve the situation, instead of vilifying people.

      It cost about the same as a PCR test – so would be cheap to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. george

        “To be honest, I’m just surprised that no one in the media has actually EVER asked ‘what level do we need to be at to reopen fully? When will it be safe?’”

        This is just not true.

  3. chris

    ‘Detecting a pattern”. If there’s one thing Covidians can’t be accused of, it’s pattern recognition.

      1. chris

        An innate lack of critical thinking skills – they adopt a position because they can’t effectively weigh it up.

        Of course the vast majority who took the jab aren’t Covidians. Just the loud defensive one’s.

        1. scottser

          i notice that the unvaccinated won’t follow any rules, including those on how to use apostrophe’s.

      2. E'Matty

        @Scottser- Nah, their gullible, trusting, childlike minds were already incapable of critical thought before being vaccinated. That’s their defining characteristic. An inability to think for oneself, requiring an authority to tell them what to think, followed by child-like trust in authority despite a history replete with reasons not to trust that same authority. They are called the sheep because they must follow a shepherd.

          1. SOQ

            Vaccinated are just as infectious scotty- it is entirely possible that it will emerge that they are more so- there is no communitarian argument for vaccines.

    1. Nigel

      This pandemic has certainly been in education in how motivated people can impose patterns on anything then derive arbitrary self-reinforcing reasons for those patterns than can be spun out ad infinitum.

  4. TMan

    I would love to hear from one of these unvaccinated people in hospital with Covid to get there side of the story.

    1. goldenbrown

      I don’t know about the vaccination shennanigans…but what I do know is that:

      lockdown = no noisy public protest problems for the current administration


    1. Cui Bono?

      No, that would be the compliance of the brainwashed, propagandised, gullible, naive, and ignorant masses who have an irrational fear of a virus with an incredibly low IFR and think everything not on RTE is a conspiracy theory.

    2. Micko

      You know that not everyone who’s vaccinated has a good immune response right?

      You might not have antibodies and not be protected RuilleBuille.

      You could end up in ICU too and be a drain on the system.

      Antibody tests for all makes sense.

  5. f_lawless

    Reid and O’Connor are just pretenders there to sell simplistic narratives to the public. Caught up in a system already corrupted by corporate influence and unable to consider the longer-term negative consequences of pushing for mass vaccination programs with non-sterilising vaccines.

    This discussion between a pair of real experts – Geert Vanden Bossche(ex-GAVI, Gates Foundation, oversaw Ebola vaccine program in Africa) and Dr Robert Malone (mRNA vaccine tech inventor) – is worth a watch.

    Vanden Bossche predicts that those countries which have very high levels of vaccination are exerting continued high-level evolutionary pressure on the virus as it continues to circulate regardless. And while it may lead to a period of relative calm where the vaccine has prevented a certain number of serious cases in the shorter term, he believes there’s a very real danger that a big wave will eventually hit as a new highly infectious and virulent strain emerges to completely side step vaccine induced immunity.

    Malone: I’m going to try to paraphrase what Geert just said in a simple way. The issue now, the truth is, that it’s the vaccinated who are creating the risk, not the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated, as he says are serving as ‘virus sinks’
    (they reduce the pressure being exerted on the virus to evolve into a more dangerous form)..

    ‘..The real risk here in this whole equation is not being generated by the unvaccinated who then develop broad-based natural immunity to multiple antigens and epitopes that is typically long-lived. It’s the vaccinated that have received these very focused spike vaccines that all have a common epitope structure and are driving through selective pressure evolution to escape those key epitopes that are present primarily on the receptor binding domain.

    Vanden Bosshe: There is one thing I want to emphasise: the problem is not the individuals who are vaccinated, the problem is the *mass* vaccination. To push a whole population to exert this widespread immune pressure. What we should have been doing since the beginning was to vaccinate the *vulnerable* people – a segment of the population.”

    1. chris

      This has been contented since the beginning, with a Nobel prize winner (& Fauci last October) weighing in.

      To even mention it would bring howls of ‘conspiricy’ derision.

    2. Darren

      Oh .. that is about the most sense I have heard in a while now re this vax virus thing.. aside from the credibility of the two figures which will no doubt be challenged .. the basic argument that the virus is mutating in response to the pressures put upon its own survival and that those pressures are vastly increased by the fact there are relatively small numbers who are not carrying a developed vaccine in their body .. I honestly wish sometimes we lived in a world that could recieve this kind of interpretation as an evolved response to an ongoing and dynamic situation but it will obviously be easier to politicise and condemn others. In the end we are scared and that’s okay I think but it is worth remebering

      1. chris

        No, you’ve got it completely wrong. The virus will mutate to avoid the spike protein that the vaccinated produce. It has nothing to do with the unvaccinated.

        1. Darren

          Thanks Chris. Before covid I didn’t have any reason to know that much about virus terminology. Epidoplucus etc etc. Here we are tho and you have dropped in the mention of spike protein .. I won’t pretend to know what you refer to. It doesn’t matter to me. I think I understand it correctly as you have you said it and so perhaps my understanding fails in light of my ability to communicate it clearly.. as I said though .. if the virus can learn then it is certain that we too must.. not all that will be about understanding epidemiological or even political frameworks so let’s see

        2. SOQ

          And that is exactly why natural immunity wins every time- it makes numerous antibodies to different parts of the virus.

          Which brings us back round to the question of why in God’s name are people not being tested for antibodies? Surely that is the superior state to be in?

        3. Nigel

          You say ‘will’ mutate. The virus has already mutated, and it had nothing to do with the vaccinations. So as usual, stuff that hasn’t happened and may not happen is more real and immediate to you guys than stuff that has happened.

          1. chris

            What you might be missing is that the vaccines mechanism might be leaving the vaccinated open to other strains and flus, independent of SARS-COV-2.

            Will the person’s immune system recognise the interlopers and mount a sufficient defense? Hopefully, otherwise they’ll be needing other treatments and preventive care (anti-virals).

            Perhaps, as the vaccines wane the bodies own immune responses kick back in? I haven’t been able to find any conclusive evidence either way. But it’s something that should have been conclusively proven before any vaccine roll out.

          2. Nigel

            We’re open to other strains of the virus with or without the vaccine, with the vaccine they’re more protected against the original. Without the vaccine they’re vulnerable to all of them. We don’t have effective treatments for covid yet, but we need them even with vaccines, and preventative care would be more vaccines.

          3. chris

            Vaccines all the way down is it? Do you actually know what repeated exposure to mRNA treatments will entail? Are you also ignoring the
            real possibilty that they’ll leave the takers immuno-compromised to things other than Covid?

            A reckless, going-ho attitude. But that has been the order of the day so far for the devotees.

    3. Nigel

      Hang on, what and where are these new variants that have sprung up due to mass vaccination? The existing variants, especially the most troublesome one, Delta, all came about before or during the mass vaccination.

      If the majority of infections are unvaccinated, then the vaccines are working. If the majority of breakthrough infections are not severe, then the vaccines are working. If the vectors of infection are more through unvaccinated than vaccinated, then the vaccines are working. If the Delta variant is infecting and causing severe illness and death amongst the vaccinated, the does not mean the vaccines aren’t since the variant emerged after the vaccines were developed but long before mass vaccination could have been responsible for it.

      Absent data proving or disproving these hypotheses, that interview is all hot air.

      There was plenty of discussion of the evolutionary pressure problem at the outset, but that was set against the risk of variants developing from the virus spreading through the population unchecked or partially checked. Which actually happened. You are, like many pandemic truthers, declaring your pet theory correct prematurely, interested only in cherry-picking figures and numbers that seem to prove it, and declaring anything else propaganda.

  6. E'Matty

    Right on cue. Weeks ago when this October 22nd date was announced, I stated clearly that this was deliberately selected to ensure restrictions remain. I said that this is the start of the natural respiratory virus season and so, we would inevitably see a rise in cases (just like last year). I also said that the unvaccinated would be blamed for the rise in cases. They are seeking to demoralise the public, maintain their authoritarian control over our lives, and to vilify and demonise the unvaccinated so the tired and demoralised public become disheartened and angered, thereby handing a blank cheque to the State to do as they please with the Jews, I mean unvaccinated. The mob can clearly be seen in some of the comments by the likes of Sara, Daisy, Boe, Ruille Buille etc, the more despicable of the boot lickers. They will have no shortage of brainwashed fanatics to support the move to really vilify and dehumanize the unvaccinated.

    1. Frank

      100% correct it was a date of reopening designed to fail and whoever came up with it should be pilloried. I remember in the summer posting here Graham Brady chair of the 1922 tory committee demanding his own leader to stop dithering over reopening as the longer they left it in the year the more impossible it would become. he cited the very same argument over seasonal respiratory virus etc. the interview was on BBC 4 and also published on the Telegraph.

      we have missed out opening up properly during the summer and we are now goosed. we have a government completely incapable of making decisions so its all entirely predictable.

  7. Nullzero

    So the current rise in Covid numbers is being primarily driven by the small number of people who haven’t had vaccinations and not the numb skulls out and about breathing all over each other in various settings that ONLY THEY are allowed be in because they believe being vaccinated equals completely immune?

    1. John Smith

      Yes, indeed, we, the evil unvaccinated, are so dangerous that we can even spread the virus when we haven’t got it, apparently.

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