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The abstract pixellated landscapes of UK-based artist Jason Anderson – oil paint on linen – impasto mosaics suggesting city skylines and swooping interchanges. Of his dynamic, evocative style he sez:

I relish the often frantic nature of mixing and arranging the paint in thick impressionistic daubs and submitting to a process that creates its own detail and form. This forces me to be bold and decisive; it also produces a kaleidoscope of shape and tone (reminiscent of stained-glass) which portrays the ever-present movement and energy found in nature.

Grand job.

More of his work here.


Behold: the Snowman Carrier from Japanese leather retailer Tsuchiya Kaban [actually part of a playful series of promotional/showcase side projects for designers called ‘The Fun of Carrying’].

Conceived by Yuko Matsuzawa (who features in the video), it’s an elegant waterproof bag for transporting your miniature snowman, complete with carrot pocket and a sliding tray for easy removal.

What do you mean you don’t have a miniature snowman?