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Images of flowers taken by photographer Craig Burrows using a relatively unknown process known as UVIVF (ultra violet induced visible fluorescence).

Burrows illuminates the flowers with a high intensity LED filtered to transmit only UV and infrared which the plants absorb, releasing visible light in the form of vivid colours not perceptible under normal viewing conditions.

More of his work here.



Umwelt – a strange, mysteriously edited short by Japanese artist Yoshiyuki Katayama featuring insects crawling across flowers at the precise moment of their blooming (in time lapse).

More info on the flowers and insects here.




Stephen Hennelly writes:

I was at the Singapore National Orchid Garden last week and spotted this (above). Didn’t appear to be in bloom unfortunately.


Echinopsis cactus flowers only bloom at night and then only for a few hours.

To capture the spectacular display, Echinopsis aficionado Greg Krehel uses a HD camera timelapse system, set up overnight. These are his favourite blooms of 2014.