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This morning.

A planned discussion on mask-wearing on RTÉ 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli Show has been scrapped following criticism on Twitter.

Via Independent.ie:

The presenter sounded clearly wounded on the show, as she announced: “Yes, I put out a tweet without thinking about the words I used,” but she added: “The intention of my tweet was very different to what was interpreted. I wanted your reaction on the weekend [protests].”

The presenter said she understood that her using the word “discussion” had “set off anger and hurt” adding “but to be honest it [anti-mask views] really shocked me, it shocked me as someone wearing a face mask since before we had to.”

“It’s very clear people don’t want this conversation to happen,” she said. “Judging from the reaction, we will not be doing this item today.”

‘An emotional 24 hours’ – 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli axes face mask ‘discussion’ due to public outcry (Independent.ie)

Pic: RTÉ

Yesterday: “They Demand The Freedom To Walk Around Without Restrictions – That Is A Tiny Minority View”

Jennifer Zamperelli (left) and Jenny Greene

This morning.

Thank you for all the pre-programmed chart hit sounds and good-natured ‘bants’.

Jenny Greene leaving 2FM with ‘a very heavy heart’ (RTÉ)

Big changes to 2FM morning line-up as Jennifer Zamparelli gets own show and Jenny Greene departs (RTÉ)

RTÉ 2FM’s Off The Ball Second Captains Game On is back in the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua Fan Studio tonight ahead of Sunday’s rugby international with England.

Broadcasting loive from 7pm in front of 50 Ireland fans, host, Hugh Cahill oversees a panel comprising Shane “Munch” Byrne, Alan Quinlan, Kevin McLaughlin, Gary Murphy and Bryan Cullen.

All fanboy no girl?


RTÉ Aviva Fan Studio

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Ah here.

Thanks Rory Fitzgerald


“2fm was established in 1979 in a different era, to play pop music aimed at young people when there were no legally licensed broadcasters other than RTE. (It) has been totally eclipsed by independent radio stations, doing what 2fm used to do, doing it far better and at a fraction of the cost.”

John Purcell, Independent Broadcasters of ireland

RTE said 2fm was an “integral part of its overall suite” designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience, and that its financing had been approved by the Government. It said that 2fm’s ability to generate money from advertising was “considerably less” than independent radio stations, since laws restrict it to playing four minutes and 30 seconds worth of ads per hour rather than the nine minutes afforded to other broadcasters.


RTE rejects claim 2fm is a waste of public cash (Sarah McCabe, Independent.ie)

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“You are my soldiers of the dawn, you’re the ones I get up for every morning, your tweets, your posts, your calls, and as commander of the dawn this morning I say to my soldiers of the dawn ‘good morning’.
“This isn’t a sad morning, plenty of things will happen in 2014.”

Hector Ó hEochagáin

Any excuse.

‘The journey has come to an end and that’s all it is’ Hector tells listeners on 2FM show (Independent)

Hector Ó hEochagáin quits 2FM radio show (Irish Times)