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Sam Gainsborough’s excellent live action/stop motion short morphs clay faces onto human bodies to tell the story of a man fearing isolation but struggling to socialise or relate to his family. Of the warping rippling mugs of his protagonist and supporting cast (made from 450kg of Plasticine) Gainsborough sez:

He feels that his parents are these emotionless rock-like characters so they’re animated to look like gargoyles. Whereas he sees everyone else in the world as being effortlessly happy so they’re animated fluidly with lots of colour. But at the end of the day the feelings he has are false, what lies underneath that is reality, real people (with painted hands for some reason!). 

And here’s how he did it.



My feeling is that as far as creativity is concerned, isolation is required. The creative person is, in any case, continually working at it. His mind is shuffling his information at all times, even when he is not conscious of it. (The famous example of Kekule working out the structure of benzene in his sleep is well-known.)
The presence of others can only inhibit this process, since creation is embarrassing. For every new good idea you have, there are a hundred, ten thousand foolish ones, which you naturally do not care to display.

From a recently unearthed, previously unpublished essay from 1959 by scientist and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

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