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Melon-twisting installations by artist Chris Engman composed of large scale digital photographs secured to the walls floors and ceilings of domestic interiors.

 As viewers ’step inside’ the image, the anamorphic effect is dispelled and the scene becomes fragmented and warped.

Which is disappointing, yet salutory and reflective of idealised perception in general.

*so alone*

Currently on show at the Alice F. And Harris K. Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, if you’re passing.


The incredible anamorphic assemblages of Thomas Deininger.

Shallow consumerism, reality and illusion, the environmental cost of the modern world and so forth.


Flat building surfaces transformed into trompe l’oeil abstractions by Peeta, aka Italian artist Manuel de Rita – his impressive anamorphic expertise drawn from his 3D lettering skills, presumably honed as a young tagger.


An anamorphic pedestrian crossing in the Icelandic fishing town of Ísafjörður created (as a rather elegant traffic calming measure) by street painting firm Vegi GÍH and Ísafjörður’s environmental commissioner, Ralf Trylla.


900DSC_04321 900-sketchup-konstruktion-900wurfel-2 wurfel-1

Emergence Lab – an anamorphic sculpture by artist Thomas Medicus featuring six handpainted images spread across 216 laser-cut acrylic glass strips inside a large translucent cube.

The cube is filled with silicone oil to simulate the appearance of solid glass. Each image aligns when that side of the cube is viewed head on.


germen-crew-paint-neighborhood-street-art-mexico-designboom-02 germen-crew-paint-neighborhood-street-art-mexico-designboom-01 germen-crew-paint-neighborhood-street-art-mexico-designboom-03germen-crew-paint-neighborhood-street-art-mexico-designboom-05 germen-crew-paint-neighborhood-street-art-mexico-designboom-04

The residences and shops of the town of Palmitas in Mexico, transformed into a colourful abstract anamorphic by a collective of young muralists and street artists known as Germen Crew.