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I Was Right Frenzy and Betrayal: The Anatomy of a Political Assassination (Irish Academic Press)

A new book by former Justice Minister Alan Shatter scheduled to be published on May 20.

The table of contents contain the headings:

Plane Sailing

Joined at the Hip

Vulnerabilities, Anomalies and Threats

The Media Frenzy Begins

Confusion Confounded and a Wandering Definitive

GSOC Unchained and Post-Truths

Insomnia, the Pink Panther and Inspector Gadget

Sticky Wickets and Rits Crackers!

Flying Empty Planes, Severed Hips and Rotting Fish

Political Tsunami

GSOC Cooked

The Presumption of Guilt and Chasing Geese!

Cooking Cooke and the Invisible Leak

Along Comes Olly!

A Tangled Web and Armageddon

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the?

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Ides of March

Ticket Charges and Penalty Points


‘Real People Love the Shane and Mary Lou Show’

A Failed Prophet and a Ticking Time Bomb

‘Distinguished not Disgusting’

Entering a Parallel Universe

Varadkar’s Source

Garda Recordings Discovered

Oh what a Tangled Web

The Garda Commissioner Retires

Shedding Crocodile Tears

Tapegate, Twin Egos, Leo Lionised and God’s Earth

Fake News Irish-Style and Alternative Facts

The Arrogant and Perfidious Jew

The Guerin Report is Born

A Uniquely Irish Political Coup

Guerin v O’Higgins: The Truth Two Years Too Late

A Rush to Judgement, Legal Guff and Reformers Beware!

Complaints Upheld, Exaggerated, Unfounded and Withdrawn

Betrayal, Conscience, Excoriation and Vindication

Watergate Irish-Style!

The Rule of Law

Outside Looking In

Enda Kenny Resigns

The Resignations of Nóirín O’Sullivan and Frances Fitzgerald

The Disclosures Tribunal Reports

Closure and a Pyrrhic Victory

He seems to be getting over it.

Frenzy and Betrayal: The Anatomy of A Political Assassination (Alan Shatter, Irish Academic Press/Merrion Press)

H/T: Oireachtas Retort



Enda The Road.

TV3 Virgin Media One’s political correspondent Gavan Reilly‘s book on the nine-day downfall of former Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny, published by Mercier Press.

It can be purchased here  ahead of its official launch by Matt Cooper at Dubray Books on Grafton Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday, May 30.

Dublin writer Lee Daly has set up a crowdfund page to help him publish his book Before A Fall: A History of PRIDE FC.

He writes:

I’ve been a huge PRIDE fan since I got the 2000 Grand Prix on a VHS tape nearly two decades ago and was always captivated by the glamour, grit and grievances that made the promotion so compelling.

For years I wondered why there was no book on the history of PRIDE, before deciding to take the plunge and tackle it as a project.

I’ve been researching and writing for two years and have been very fortunate to have had help from fighters, commentators and journalists, all who have shared unique insights into what made PRIDE so special. Here’s just some of the names featured: Bas Rutten, Stephen Quadros, Frank Shamrock, Minoru Suzuki, Erik Paulson and Frank Trigg

Illustrator John Sheehan and I have been working hard to make the book a reality and we now want to share the results of our work with as many of our fellow fans as we can.

Anyone who wishes can donate here

PRIDE Fighting Championships

Thanks Pidge