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Outside Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24

Peter Fitzpatrick, a patient representative on the National Clinical Advisory Group, is standing as Independent candidate in Dublin South West constitutency.

And putting his money (above) where his mouth is.

Peter writes:

Mismanagement and short term policy making over the last twenty years has led us to a point where our Health services are in a permanent state of crisis and can no longer safely treat the population.

I am using my limited resources to take a simple message to the streets of Dublin South West, it’s time to put Health above regular party politics.

All the party manifestos have now been published – 8 parties, 8 different directions on Health.
….All of these shifts in policy are hugely counterproductive. We are going back on ourselves, literally in circles – we need to come together on this, Health is too important.

No single party has the answers. We need one plan, across the parties with the input of those that work in the service. Doctors and Nurses are struggling to hold the system together while one Minister works to reverse the policy of another.

One National Strategy
, above party politics, to be implemented regardless of whatever Government is in power.

Unless we get that, we will never make any real progress.


Peter Fitzpatrick