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Behold: one of three known surviving 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 Campermobiles, of which only 88 were ever made. Go figure, sez you.

Inside, there’s a seating area with a table, working fridge, sink, oven and a fold-out chemical toilet. Extendable side panels with window inserts convert into beds.

It runs and drives, it’s weird and it’s yours for €22,700.


UEV440_4 UEV440_5UEV440_2UEVUEV440_3UEV440_1

Behold: the UEV-440 ‘urban escape vehicle’ from Conqueror Australia – a 4.4m, fully suspended, all-terrain luxury trailer/camper complete with pantry, double sink, surround sound flat screen TV, heating, air-con, a shower and more, including a price tag of between AUS$50,000 and AUS$66,000. (€34k-€45K)