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Behold: Velox – a prototype amphibious robot designed by Pliant Energy Systems of Brooklyn with an all terrain propulsion system inspired by the locomotion of several natural species. To wit:

Velox can use several modes of locomotion found in the animal kingdom using just one pair of “fins”. These fins are best described as four-dimensional objects with a hyperbolic geometry that allows the robot to swim like a ray, crawl like a millipede, jet like a squid, and slide like a snake.

A craft equipped with this system has unprecedented freedom to travel through a range of environments in a single mission. As an underwater vehicle, the robot’s ability to instantly reverse direction and do quick turns make it ideal for task such as coral reef inspection or dragon fish hunting where a craft must rapidly manoeuvre to look around and between objects.

First the dragon fish, then all humans.


The amphibious M12-like Scamander – an RV concept by the late TVR boss Peter Wheeler, posthumously made real.

Road (and water) tested here by Harry Metcalfe of Evo magazine, the vehicle has a top land speed of 120mph, does 0-60 in 8 seconds and will handle almost any terrain it encounters.

It’s a noisy cuss, but you’d probably want that.



You may not have the tight physique and chiseled good looks of your youth but, hey – chin up big guy – things aren’t so bad. If you have $170,000 to spare, US manufacturer Watercar has the chick magnet for you.

Phyton: the world’s fastest custom-made amphibious vehicle: 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds on land and a speedboat-shaming 60mph on water.

Now get out there and get your Hef on, you dog.

The video above is based on a true story.