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Annie West writes:

I saw loads of people posting colouring sheets for kids and thought ‘aw wait now what about the grownups/” Also that crazy mindfulness colouring book thing with their horrid drawings of rainbows and fish and whatnot.

So I thought okay let’s do some Mindfulness colouring of some lovely modern day heritage sites . Behold (above)….The Mindfulness colouring pages of Twitter. The places you miss the most during #Covid19. The pubs and chippers of Ireland.

Annie West


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Martyrdom: the Colouring Book by Hallie Fryd, illustrated by Julia Gfrörer. To wit:

The lives of the saints are filled with inspiring, life-changing moments—but the deaths of the martyrs are where you’ll find the real “Oh, hell no!” moments of history. This adult (very adult, as the body count will quickly indicate) coloring book gives aspiring crayon and paper artists the chance to hone their craft while also buffing up their knowledge of Catholic history


cdSanHY CsctRuv4ra5VbZTQ4rq4ykeOmCP94CHUaBUEvery month, when Redditor Tatsputin takes a work-related 3 hour flight, his two young children give him their drawings to colour in.

At first he used coloured pencils but has since switched to switched to his iPad and the ArtStudio app. He plans to return to coloured pencils.

Much like the collaboration of illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks and her daughter.