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Data scientist Neil Kaye shows how the ubiquitous Mercator Projection distorts the real scale of countries (dark blue = actual size in the map above).

The visualisation shows land masses nearer the Poles [including our own] to be much larger than they actually are.

Take aways: Mercator Alaska is larger than Mexico (it’s not). Mercator Russia is ridiculously exaggerated (it is). Africa is very large indeed.


Doing the rounds over the weekend: modern artists’ albums reimagined as country compilations.

@prayforpatrick providing us with such goodness.

H/T to ShortList.

elementselements2‘Science communicator’ and PhD student Jamie Gallagher maps where the scientists who discovered the various elements of the Periodic Table were living when they discovered them. Talking to Smart News, Gallagher sez;

One of my favourites has to be polonium, though, the first element to be discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie. They were working in a modified shed with substances so dangerously radioactive their notes are still too active to be handled safely. Working together they isolated this element and later named it Polonium after Marie’s home country. (A country, I may add, that turned her away from her pursuit of education as she was a politically interested female). It was her hope that by naming the element after Poland she could generate interested in the independence (from Germany) campaign for the country. Yet [in my periodic table] the victory comes in under the French flag where the work was carried out. It remains to this day the only element to be named after a political cause, and a wonderful tribute to a phenomenal woman.

Full sized version here.


irlEuropean-Countries-as-Cartoons-Armenia-Angel-Shark-634x350European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Latvia-Baby-Eagle-634x350European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Slovenia-Chicken-634x350European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Croatia-Flying-Dragon-634x351European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Cyprus-Leaping-Mouse-634x348European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Poland-Baboon-634x352European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Montenegro-Dinosaur-634x351European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Greece-Old-Bearded-Man-with-a-Pointed-Cap-634x349European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Monaco-Surreal-Elephant-634x349European countries and the things they look like.

Sure, that’s just stupid.

Taken from a far more comprehensive 2012 video by German Youtuber Zackabier.

Above: Teddyland (which looks a bit like Ireland), Armenia (Angel Shark), Latvia (Baby Eagle), Slovenia (Chicken), Croatia (Dragon), Cyprus (Mouse), Poland (Baboon), Montenegro, (Stegasaurus), Greece (Old Man with a Pointy Hat), Monaco (Surreal Elephant) and, below, our personal favourite…

European-Countries-as-Cartoons-Denmark-Fat-Batman-Fish-and-Old-Ghost-634x353Denmark (A Fish Eating the Slime Off of a Filthy, Fat Batman Who Is Talking to an Old Ghost).