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The unhinged animated video for the equally unhinged bloopy stylings of Putty Boy Strut by Flying Lotus, created by illustrator Sarah Brown and the great Cyriak Harris.

The album, Until the Quiet Comes, featuring Erykah Badu, Laura Darlington, Niki Randa, Thundercat, Thom Yorke and others, is available to pre-order.



Baa: experiments in ovine geometry by our favourite nightmare vendor, Cyriak.

A nice companion piece to this other little farmyard nightmare.

Ned O’Keeffe would have had this banned because of the potential impact on lamb sales.

But then, he’s in a rubber room in east Cork these days.



A collection of interstitials for Adult Swim by surrealist Brighton-based animator and master of ‘creative brain spillage’, Cyriak.

We’re huge fans. Check out his Simon Cowell thing, and his Evolution thing, and his Eskmo video and his Fractal Hands thing and his Infinite Number Of Teddy Bears thing and his Cows, Cows and Cows thing.

And then have a nice lie-down and a cry.