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A short by Chinese animation student Enge Xue in which a Rubik’s Cube-headed man in a Rubik’s Cube-headed world attempts to maintain connection when the colours of his face become mixed up. Also, he’s in his tights-whiteys.


Researchers from graphics Interface pioneer NVIDIA demonstrate their Style Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks.

In other words, artificial intelligence capable of generating human faces and other objects that don’t otherwise exist in real life.



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The mesmerising monochrome poster art of illustrator Raj.


Chineskikan in the city of Chichibu, two hours outside Tokyo, is a museum dedicated to naturally eroded rocks that look like human faces – a institution wherein Yoshiko Hayama continues the tradition of jinmenseki with a collection of 1700 arguably face-like rocks handed down by her father.


Disfigured by an unfortunate childhood accident (he was warned but he didn’t listen), a man finds solace with a group of similar outcasts. A short by Us Films.

If you enjoyed that, the ‘making of’ documentary is well worth a watch.