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A slightly unnerving but clever product from designer Danielle Baskin (top) – Maskalike – soon to be launched machine washable cotton face masks with an image of the wearer’s own mug on the front for, you know, facial recognition.

If you don’t need your face to open your phone, you can have any image you like, including the ‘looking permanently uncomfortable, trying to be happy’ ‘Hide The Pain Harold’ meme (modelled by Danielle in the bottom pic).



The work of Irish visual artist Threadstories – full-face, fringed and knotted, crocheted headpieces, the notion of which she sez:

…is questioning how the erosion of personal privacy in the digital age shapes how we view and portray ourselves online. The masks deny the viewer the full story of who the sitter is, echoing the curated or false personas we view online daily. My masks are photographed against a sanitised white square. I know there is often chaos, mess and noise just beyond the margins of that photograph, but the messiness of life doesn’t make the edit for social media..

Fair enough.

More here.