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Hello you.

Behold: pareidolia in the clouds of Jupiter. To wit:

On the largest scale, circling the planet, Jupiter has alternating light zones and reddish-brown belts. Rising zone gas, mostly hydrogen and helium, usually swirls around regions of high pressure. Conversely, falling belt gas usually whirls around regions of low pressure, like cyclones and hurricanes on Earth. Belt storms can form into large and long-lasting white ovals and elongated red spots. NASA’s robotic Juno spacecraft captured most of these cloud features in 2017 during perijove 6, its sixth pass over the giant planet in its looping 2-month orbit. But it is surely not these clouds themselves that draws your attention to the displayed image, but rather their arrangement. The face that stands out, nicknamed Jovey McJupiterFace, lasted perhaps a few weeks before the neighbouring storm clouds rotated away. Juno has now completed 33 orbits around Jupiter and just yesterday made a close pass near Ganymede, our Solar System’s largest moon.

(Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Jason Major)


A slightly unnerving but clever product from designer Danielle Baskin (top) – Maskalike – soon to be launched machine washable cotton face masks with an image of the wearer’s own mug on the front for, you know, facial recognition.

If you don’t need your face to open your phone, you can have any image you like, including the ‘looking permanently uncomfortable, trying to be happy’ ‘Hide The Pain Harold’ meme (modelled by Danielle in the bottom pic).