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Tolka Park, Drumcondra, Dublin, home ground of Shelbourne F.C. 

This afternoon.

Via Independent.ie:

Bohemians will go it alone in a new Dalymount Park after Dublin City Council confirmed that Shelbourne want to withdraw from the plan for the two clubs to groundshare at the Phibsboro venue and for Bohs to purchase Tolka Park from the council…


…via Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council officials met with Shelbourne Football Club Board members today and a proposal submitted by the club to purchase Tolka Park Football Stadium from the City Council and redevelop it into a multi-sport stadium was discussed.

Dublin City Council has agreed in good faith to examine the proposal in detail and will reconvene meetings with the Board of Shelbourne FC when further detail has been provided, which is expected to be received from Shelbourne FC within the next two weeks. The City Council will then carry out its due diligence on the proposal.

Dublin City Council bought out the legal interests of various parties in both Dalymount and Tolka Park in 2016 as part of its strategic plan to develop a municipal stadium at Dalymount Park to ensure the viability of League of Ireland Football on the northside of Dublin.

Since acquiring both grounds, significant costs have been incurred by the City Council on an annual basis to ensure that both stadiums meet the required League of Ireland stadium certification.

The City Council is willing to examine the proposal. However, it would be based on a cost recovery model for expenditure incurred by the City Council and a firm commitment from Shelbourne FC that Tolka Park can be re-developed in a reasonable period and that adequate finance is in place. We understand that the proposals will have no financial implications for either the City Council or the State.


Shelbourne pull out of Dalymount deal with proposal to buy Tolka Park from DCC instead (Independent.ie)

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From top: Dalymount today; Dalymount under new plans and Tesco, Phisborough

The Scarlet Phibsbernel writes:

Phibsboro’s long awaiting redevelopment of Dalymount Park, the hated Phibsboro Shopping Centre and hotly anticipated new village plaza – is in jeopardy thanks to a supermarket empowered by the custom of the community whose improvement it strangles. This particular branch is among the most profitable and under-invested in the country.

Doubts swirl over Dalymount Park redevelopment as Tesco objects (Laura Lynott, Independent.ie)


Ah here.

Apt, in fairness.


It’s not the size of the crowd….

Thatisall writes:

Derby Days From Copa 90 [global soccer YouTube channel] after the 3-1 victory for Bohs over Shamrock Rovers in the Dublin derby…

Presenter Eli Mengem was well impressed: “I Knew it would be unique but didn’t think this match would put on some of the scenes it did. Full credit to all the football fans in Ireland who despite all the other sports on offer, and bigger football codes across the border, do the right thing by the game and support the local scene.
The more that Irish football fans turn out and support the League Of Ireland, the more money the league will have to buy better players and facilities which will mean better football and more fans
Furthermore the celebration I saw Boh’s fans enjoy were as good as anything Ive seen with Copa90 at the Camp Nou, Bernabeu, Anfield or San Siro. Cause its not about the size of the crowd, its about the type of fans in it. The ones on the terraces in Dalymount are definitely it.Well done, and be proud of the effort you put in supporting local team, you may not be in the Premier League but you really impressed Copa90 and I.”