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Like a series of Fallout 4 dioramas, the sculptures of Parisian artist Simon Laveuve are dilapidated last refuges covered with graffiti, empty, echoing with signs of recent habitation, overgrown with vegetation in the aftermath of some apocalyptic event. Sez he:

My pieces, for the most part, have this aspect of shelter… I like to work on the height and the inaccessible. Protection and surrender. Fallen icons and their symbolism. Resistance and insubordination.

Substitute your own metaphor(s).


The Valpelline Bivouac –  an alpine shelter on a rocky peak in Italy’s Morion ridge – prefabricated offsite and dropped into place by helicopter.

Made from composite wooden panels and steel, anchored to the rock by cables, it offers a base for climbers trekking over the ridge, with cooking facilities, storage and stunning views of Becca di Luseney, Monte Rosa, and the Matterhorn.


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Scenes of daily life at the dog shelter of Weinan, Shaanxi Province in China where, for the last six years, five elderly women have been feeding and caring for more than 1,300 stray dogs they’ve saved from the pound (and certain death).

Every morning at 4am, the women, including 60-year-old founder Wang Yanfan, prepare 400 kg of dog food, funded by donations, bless ’em.



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Transarquitetônica – a huge installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira.

Composed entirely of recycled materials, the structure – which visitors can walk through – transitions from the cavernous interior of knotted roots to brick walls and painted corridors, symbolising our evolution from primitive shelter to modern urban architecture.


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After learning that 5,500 shelter dogs are put down every day in the United States, artist Mark Barone decided to paint 5,500 portraits of actual shelter dogs, recording their names and the dates they were killed.

Two years into the project, Barone has completed over 3,500 portraits for his ‘memorial museum’, passing on all donations to save and re-home other strays.

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Joe writes:

“Got this through our letterbox on Baggot Street this morning‏.”

Perhaps this means Dublin City Council is finally going to use the former hotel as a wet shelter for the homeless? It reportedly bought the property for almost €7million for that very purpose in 2007 but it has apparently been lying empty since.


Council’s €7million hotel lies dormant (Irish Mirror, Feb 28, 2013)