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Behold: Skyville – a meticulously crafted 90x40cm miniature village by Bulgarian artist Ognyan Stefanov, who creates these and other lavish architectural wonders in his spare time between stints as an aviation photographer.

Tiny homes, shops, farms and gardens designed to mimic real functionality with a water drainage system, pulleys, and walkways that climb from level to level: two years in the making, complete with luxuriously appointed interiors and a population of teeny-tiny villagers.

More on the project here.


New works by diorama dramatist Slinkachu, mostly created at home, due to lockdown. Sez he to Colossal:

My work has always reflected the sense of isolation and loneliness that a big city can imbue, but the isolation of being inside is new to me. These were recreations of small parts of city streets built in my living room with concrete paving slabs and weeds and moss.


Tiny, biologically accurate sculptures of birds and animals by Hungarian biologist and miniaturist Fanni Sandor.

Each can take up to two weeks to create, forgoing moulds for embossing and pin-ended  tools (the robin’s nest alone took three days.)

But you don’t care about that. Because you only hear the sound of her name.